07 March 2010

more and more and more and more and more

[click image]

Just never seems to get better....


  1. Yep they did some good stories on the water deals that sends nor-cal water to corp. farms in the lower valley, just another rip off.

  2. They tried to get us to vote in sending water to LA a thousand times and a thousand times we voted it down. They did it anyway.

    Same kind of shit happens at the federal level.

  3. That photo reminds of my first visit to LA.

    1969, heading towards LA from Phoenix, 11:00 AM, as we progressed across the desert this brown smooth dome kept growing bigger and bigger on the horizon. As we got closer a mountain range could be seen at the base of the dome.

    It was LA and the smog dome enclosing it.

    That evening I was on a rooftop patio on a five story apartment building listening to the radio expound on the full moon that evening. From my vantage point the moon could not be seen, only the glow of streetlights off the smog dome.

    On a trip about 10 years ago to San Diego, driving through the towns east of LA, the smog was so bad you could only see about 3/4 of a mile down the road.


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