07 March 2010

norman in prague

[click image, video playlist, 75 minutes]

The sound is good and loud... and maybe we all ought to play it simultaneously... see if it raises some consciousnesses....

Of course, for those of us who listen to Norman every chance we get, we could almost give this lecture for him....

Actually, you know what? Even though Norman is my hero and I wanna marry him some kind of fierce, I sometimes, not that often, but often enough to mention it, think he's a little drunk while giving his talks... as though he's giving himself a bit of liquid courage... or something... maybe stoned... maybe pain pills... just a little on the giddy side. The guy is outright brilliant. It's, in a sense, a waste that he should have to spend his whole life working on turning us sensible about Israel. He is more courageous than any number of other people you want to lump together to balance him. He rocks so hard I can barely ever find any words beyond I-WANT-TO-MARRY-NORMAN-FINKELSTEIN in praise of him, but I do wonder about this sometimes.

Take this lecture. He's seated, with a bonk on his forehead and very ponderously repeating points over and over, even when he's given himself a time limit. Is that him fogged up or is this what it takes to drill it in? I really would like to know.

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