06 March 2010

since i'm a serious woman about the coen brothers

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I decided to blow $3.25 on a good movie.

Pure profligacy, I know, but, well, it is TIME for me to lose myself in a masterwork... and I can't imagine that it won't turn out to be another masterwork. The Coen Brothers just don't ever miss.

An apology to the world for all the fucking holocaust films inflicted on us over the last several years.

That is the ENTIRE purpose of making this movie.

Thanks, boyz.


  1. We just saw "Training Day" and "Slumdog Millionaire", both were great. I realized Ethan Hawke is always in good movies. I don't think he gets any credit for what a great actor he is.

  2. I hated Training Day, but thought Ethan Hawke was REALLY good in it. He was killer good in Snow Falling on Cedar too. Underrated actor.


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