08 March 2010

now that they're calling for a revolution

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I will start linking to them....

Chris Hedges is with me too....

And don't EVER forget the immortal Savio.


  1. I believe it was George Carlin who said:
    You can't fight City Hall, but you can blow it up!

  2. Though I'm happy for him that he got to check out when he did, I frequently think how much we need him right now.

    And he WOULD be RIGHT HERE for us right now. You know it. Same with Bill Hicks.

  3. Maybe Robin Williams will step up to the plate. He can do it. He can do it REALLY well. He just seems to have backed off from it. He's old enough that he might get as good as Carlin, too.

  4. Yesterday (March 7) was the 45th anniversary of the Selma march led by Dr. King and the ensuing police riot (the Sunday Massacre)

    The American public watching those innocents on television being trampled by the force of the state was the tide turner for civil rights....we need another moral wake up call....

    The murderating fucks (nice term 99) are over-confident and think they've sapped the will of the people...It's almost time to storm the Bastile.

  5. If Robin Williams was going to do it, he'd have done it by now.
    Chris Rock has his moments.

  6. OUD

    I don't think that's right. He was very relieved to get Obama... as were most of us... at the very start... but he's been in the hospital for bypass surgery, his marriage broke up, his life has been pretty hard over this year, and I don't think he's done the kind of pansy-assed mellowing that most do. I think he's trying to get his bearings. So we shouldn't count him out yet. It's taken horrifically-long for too many people, all hugely invested in our first black president not being this awful, but the ones who REALLY aren't racist come around.


    I do so hope you are right. And I like your term "sapped the will of the people" a heck of a lot because that is PRECISELY the way they have gone about "governing" us for too long. They try to wear us out on everything we object to too strongly, and if they don't have the time for that, then they just pull fast ones... which has the effect of sapping our will as well. I have been telling everyone revolution is actually our only option for quite a while. I had so hoped Obama would prove me wrong, even with the miniscule chance there was for it, and I really was taken aback by how much more disappointed I was than the disappointment I was already expecting. People really have to start letting themselves be truthful with themselves. I don't think they're up to it... and... dammit... I'm ready to see the innocents being trampled by the force of the state if that will FINALLY get us up off our butts.

    Getting them to show it is going to be a bitch.

    Because they KNOW that's going to lose it for them.

  7. One of my old boyfriends' father was in that march and, being white, drew rocks through the front window of the black family who'd put him up. I stuck with his son a great deal longer than I probably should have on that account....

  8. Oh, yipes, karma is so strange... no sooner do you mention SPLC than I come across this, a guy on our side from the other side, with some kind of major antipathy going for SPLC. Are they for gun control? I guess I should look into that. I can see why they would be, but I really do have monster big problems with anyone, ANYONE, willing to cede our only lawful means of protecting ourselves from our government in their efforts to clean up the streets.

    We all KNOW that providing a decent society is the ONLY thing that cleans up streets, and making laws against guns is just slitting our own throats. I'm scared to death of guns, and probably will never get up the nerve to buy one, but I want to know that those who will use them in our defense have them, and are respected for it. We all have to revere our military because they are there to defend us... even though they keep being sent to slaughter for fascists instead. Well, I think it's high time those who stay home and stay ready to defend us against enemies, foreign or domestic, be held as high in our esteem.


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