09 March 2010

the reasonableness behind the census hysteria

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Trying hard to look at where conservatives are right about things, I have spent a lot of time trying to read Libertarian stuff... mostly Ron Paul's. What a strange man! I read about his plans for a freedom president and had to balk at a great deal in there... while still recognizing the wisdom in some of the ideas. It seems to me that a Kucinich/Paul co-presidency would be something a lot closer to ideal than we've ever had.

Where Paul is a fairydust righty, Kucinich could bring him back awake, and where Kucinich is a fairydust lefty, Paul could return the favor. We might really end up with something transcendental.

I have heard some people bitch that Ron Paul is a racist, and I'm not sure that's right, but I can see where he is completely ignoring the best interests of the greater black population. Actually, just the greater poor population. For instance, his thing about education is just stupid. Where he has a point the size of Asia about how poorly the federal government is handling it, his proposals are guarantees of one horrific divide in educational opportunities, worse even than what we have now.

One minute I want to kiss him and the next I want to grab his ear and twist it so hard he can't use it anymore, screaming, "WHAT! ARE YOU TEN YEARS OLD? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? WHAT! WHAT! WHAT?" Jesus. He goes from the very picture of lucidity and practicality to outright braindead psychotic, sometimes in the space of one sentence.

I don't understand his competing currencies crap at all. Whut? You die in the dirt if you picked the wrong one? WTF? I can so hang with firing the Fed, abolishing it utterly forever, and at whatever cost to MAKE it stay gone forever, but competing currencies? Huh? This is not helped at all by my conviction that any currency is just filthy greed and insecurity hiding behind the facade of consensual reality. We change our minds about it, and, poof, no longer necessary at all. This whole bit about people rising or falling on their wits and industry and blind luck is just fucking Witch's Brew with wormy ice cubes... and too much booze. Jesus.

So, but, I'm trying my hardest to set all this aside to find the little gateways where everybody can begin to stop gouging each other's eyes out, okay? I have genuine enthusiasm for their/our good points and genuine intolerance for our/their bad ones, and, well, so should we all, but at least I might be able to bring up some feasible starting points. We need to make common cause with those who are willing to fight with us, whatever their views might be.

So. The Census people are trying to sound reasonable, relying on the tradition of interfering with our privacy for way more than the Constitution provides, and what Paul says about the abuses of it are perfectly truthful, real problems to consider when you know you cannot trust your government any farther than you can throw it. SO much of what liberals want is COMPLETELY dependent on good faith actors ALWAYS being in charge... and that is fairydust... to put it nicely. Just about every one of them I know forgets that part utterly no matter how many times you remind them. It's time to wake up to that. Keep it front and center.

So all the people the left has put hits on for bringing this up are not, on this point at least, wrong or bad or liars for making a big deal out of it. Period.


  1. Once again, I'm big on hypocrisy. The same people who have a problem with the census have no problem with domestic spying and much worse things. All I'm asking for is "consistency". That is all I'd like. And I don't like to quote hypocrites. Hypocrites are right sometimes. I love it when people quote hypocrites they don't like, but they always say, and watch for it: "Even blah blah blah said....whatever". Like when someone who KNOWS Rush Limbaugh is the worst hypocrite, they'll say: "Even Rush Limbaugh said the FED should go". That was just an example, Limbaugh probably never said that. But you get the point. If someone's a hypocrite, why would you ever quote them when they're right about something? They might even be saying something that is right, but saying it for ulterior motives. Same thing quoting Glenn Beck and people like that.

    Now there is a difference, in my opinion, of quoting people who are mostly right all the time, like Ron Paul. When people go around quoting Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and people like that, the first thing I wonder is what Limbaugh and Beck's ulterior motive is for saying something I agree with, because it always turns out they're saying it for a different reason that I am saying it or someone I highly regard is saying it. That is not "common ground". Both have to really mean it.

  2. The devil takes peoples' real rage and directs it at the devil's enemies and is not helping the people.

  3. Well, if we can't cite hypocrites we will soon find ourselves mostly quoting MLK.... I've been spending a lot of time pointing out the howling hypocrisy of many "progressives" lately... but "progressives" seem to be able to very astutely identify this problem when people they don't like engage in it, but are as bad as the right when it comes to their people doing fascistic, anti-American things. Over and over and over again I see the "left" excusing the Democrats for things AS awful as the Republicans did. Obamabots are AS stupid and reprehensible as dittoheads ever were, and I know from up close and personal experience that you link howling and dangerous to sentient beings hypocrites every day. So. The devil does IN FACT take peoples' real rage and direct it. Yes indeed. THE ONLY WAY TO FIGHT IT IS TO LOOK AT OURSELVES.


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