09 March 2010

it's far easier to fight for principles than to live up to them

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Keep repeating that to yourself. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse. Repeat. ...

At some point you will find you can't live up to them unless you will fight for them.

And I do NOT mean TALK....

Arguing doesn't cut it.

Robert Greenwald emailed me this morning with some of his "evidence" that the Tea Parties are full of racist scumbags, and I replied:
Quit fomenting civil war and START helping find ways to make common cause with people brave/stupid enough to rise up against fascism. We need a REVOLUTION and we have to stop producing hit jobs on each other, and start learning how to postpone our ideological differences until AFTER we have gotten back our country. YOU should not pretend to bravery if you can't stop yourself and realize what you are doing is just culture warring, and MORE than just acceptable to the people we really should be fighting.
...without any coffee in me yet.

Here's a woman that purportedly brave new filmer is vilifying... she may have her terms a little too fuzzily in mind, but she identified the problem and the need to unite a couple years ahead of the rest of us... so she's not stupid. She's not a hater. She's your sister.

These crappy hit jobs from people trying to make a living at the culture wars are not just no-holds-barred debating tactics. It's LETHAL shit. Lethal to US. ALL of us on Planet Earth. In a real sense Glenn Beck is no more perfidious than Robert Greenwald. Stop. Repeat the mantra. Open yer head. See the truth. The corruption has penetrated every nook and cranny of our society. The nonprofit fuckers are as corrupt as the profit fuckers; no branch of government is functioning; the fourth estate is 100% cognitive dissonance; the police are enforcing corruption. Your survival instinct has been massaged to turn off your brain and send you blindly after assholes trying to make a living off perpetuating agonizing and completely useless strife. Not one desperate problem has been solved. Not one. And new ones pile up daily.


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