05 March 2010

a pyromaniac's dream

[click image of methane bubbles, because you can't SEE it when it's being released from thawing permafrost on land]

Agent BB2 is endeavoring to make clear to you the seriousness of methane being released from thawing permafrost. He provides a short video of the "silver bullet" argument in favor of immediate action against global warming, EVEN if you don't believe the science. That video appalls me because, simple as it is, it is way more complicated than the dirt obvious reasons everyone should get behind all out, no holds barred, global action against climate change... but you should go take it in.

And while we are about pondering the dirt obvious, have a look at methane in action in the science lab... and then, just in case the nomenclature is still too abstract for you, take a look at a dirt simple explanation of exactly WHAT methane is....

They tell you in earthquakes you should immediately turn off the gas main to your house. This is because one of the biggest risks in quake damage is the fires from broken gas lines. Many people who wish to kill themselves simply close their kitchen windows and doors, stuff rags and towels into any other areas that might still let too much airflow pass through and then turn on the burners and oven in their gas stoves, omitting to light them. The kitchen fills with METHANE and they asphyxiate. Ask anyone.

We are turning our planet into Sylvia Plath's kitchen.

Or maybe you'd prefer to wave it off....


  1. Natural gas is odorized so you know it is there.

    Methane is odorless.

  2. Yes, and notwithstanding how unobtrusive non-odorized methane really is, there are Eskimos loath to light matches already....

  3. Arggghhh!

    This @#%&#!*^! dumped my whole comment!

    Went to Google log in when I hit "post" - I was already logged in, crashed Google and my comment was destroyed!

  4. It was silliness, not worth repeating.


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