05 March 2010

this is fascism

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Chapter and verse. Americans mostly are completely ignorant of our own constitution AND we are also mostly completely ignorant of what fascism is. If you wonder why I keep pointing to obviously fascistic stuff and doggedly reminding you that this is fascism, it is because not even people who THINK they know what fascism is actually grok what fascism is. So I continually point it out.

You know all those supposedly stupid tea partiers? Well, they're NOT stupid. They know something is seriously wrong and seriously unAmerican, but they don't know the word for it. Someone screams on the MSM that it's "socialism" but it is FASCISM. If they could be clued in on the tricks being played on them, they would amend their rhetoric and we could be not only scaring public officials into abiding by the constitution, but helping to educate everyone whose education did not include civics classes.

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