10 March 2010

taking a page out of machiavelli's book

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Even Davis, while still asleep, is starting to get at the heart of the problem.

Thought I'd swing by Pro Publica to update you on the progress of the bailout and the stimulus, but I find, suddenly, a year later, they're not talking about the actual trillions anymore. I don't like that. Last I saw, the actual numbers were marching upward toward $15 trillion, and so I do NOT grok why they are back to using the long-since-shown-to-be-bogus original TARP bailout figures... or, well, I do, but I guess that doesn't make me a fascist-in-denial "progressive" like ENTIRELY too many of our most-trusted bloggers.

And, they were reporting in December that finally half of the stimulus money, which really has stuck [too far] within the originally approved sum, had been promised to spend, but it's March and they just hit 40% actually spent of the not enough they promised.

So not only is this all contrary to the people's wishes, it is psychedelically presented to keep us too sputteringly frustrated to smack them down. Somebody please find me the page number from The Prince to cite next.

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