10 March 2010

head shill, rahmbette malden huffington's latest hit job

[click image of Arianna Huffington greeting Rupert Murdoch]

There seems to be a great deal of skepticism about Massa's explanation for his departure from Congress. I swallowed hard and listened to the entire interview with Glenn Beck and then this snippet from his appearance with Larry King, and find I believe him about Rahmbo poking him in the chest in the shower, and about why he quit. I don't know if he really did anything so unethical as to sexually harass any staff, but we all know it wouldn't even have come up if he did... unless they wanted to dump his ass. So that part of it is actually moot.

Beck seemed irked that Massa would not dish enough dirt on this mechanism for political hardball, and we all should be irked about that, but no one should be surprised, because the hardball gets exponentially worse, sometimes lethal, when someone attempts to do that.

There is little reasonable doubt that the White House was doing this to him because they are bent on passing this fascist "health" bill, and the head shill for the Democratic Fascist Party is out there with everyone else in Emanuel's pocket to fuck with your head nonstop until he gets his way.

T-H-E-A-T-E-R ....

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