23 March 2010

that "wrong sana"

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I only got so far as to determine that it was a Sanskrit word, as per my suspicion, but it hadn't occurred to me there might be something as amazing as an online Sanskrit-English dictionary at the time.
Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon: Search Results

1 sana 1 m. (for 2. see p. 1141 , col. 1) gain , acquisition (in %{ahaM-sana} and %{su-SaNa} , qq. vv.) ; presenting , offering BhP.

2 sana 2 mf(%{A})n. (derivation doubtful ; for 1. see p. 1140 , col. 3) old , ancient (%{am} ind. "' of old , formerly "') RV. AV. ; lasting long BhP. ; m. N. of a R2ishi (one of the four or seven spiritual sons of Brahma1 ; cf. %{sanaka}) MBh. Hariv. [Cf. Lat. {senex} , {senior} ; Lith. {se4nas} ; Goth. {sinista}.]

3 sanA ind. (g. %{svar-Adi}) from of old RV. S3Br.

4 sana 3 m. the flapping of an elephant's ears L. ; Bignonia Suaveolens or Terminalia Tomentosa (cf. 2. %{asana}) L.

5 sanA %{sanAt} &c. see col. 1.
This is revealing because at the time I was convinced that learning another language was essential to helping me with my sight—the Zen thing—and had begun to correspond with a remote viewer about this connection, but he was sending me to some things that were very new age, outright bliss ninny, actually, spiritual and self-help practices, with the whole little cosmos of practitioners who can give you their personal teachings for a price. This was when the man pulled me away from the entrance, saying "wrong sana".

I'm a little worried, anyway, because the bad influence in all my Zen dreams is always a man with blond hair... and this time, though, I'm remembering it not being exactly blond, light brown or dirty blond, and am not even very sure of that much because what little I saw of the guy pulling me from entering the door with these word didn't really include a good read on his features at all. It was just about not going in that door.

Even not exactly understanding his meaning, I decided to back off, at least on corresponding with this particular guy, and then I got carried off to spend time with my Poppa and all my little bookmarks to that particular galaxy have stayed ignored. I have gone back to listening to the interviews relating to what I think of as space lizard studies. While politicians and plutocrats have long been space lizards in my lexicon, there is a secondary implication of UFO or ET—the studiers of space lizards—people in general... some of whom are obviously pretty obsessed with 2012. I try not to link them, except some down in the bottom of my sidebar, because I don't want people to come here and immediately conclude I'm a space alien obsessed neurotic. I want to know what they have to say. I want to know what people are doing with the population of people obsessed with this stuff. I want it the more because of all those highly credible men who stood up and insisted this is beyond any doubt real... telling of actual physical encounters with live extraterrestrial beings... and demanding that the authorities finally come clean about this.

I don't know if this investigation, too, is the "wrong sana", but have been amazed by how many really very, very cogent bits come out in the midst of outright fantastic assertions. I am pleased to see that, whatever the truth, the vast majority of these people are focussed on spiritual awakening, believing it is mandatory to our future. This can't be anything but good.

I also just listened to a guy with some particularly outrageously fantastic assertions who also was giving a lecture containing some intensely sane advice, and describing how things go with REAL spiritual friends. The best part is that he pulled back out of my soup this concept that has been nagging at me for a couple years now, growing ever more intense, but losing its essential core.

We have to stop being distracted by all this mesmerizing evil coming at us nonstop from our governments. We must take their power away from them. We have to begin ignoring them. This was a major part of my trouble keeping the faith at Brad's place. I told him that fraudulent elections can no longer be our primary concern. It is so bad that they're not even secondary now. Maybe they're tertiary, and for sure they will never be a matter over which we should be eating up our lives uselessly as long as these vastly bigger problems are not solved. Not even perfectly pristine elections will faze those problems, AND there just can NOT be any lucid doubt about that anymore. Whoever is elected will do as he or she is told, or they will be marginalized out of office, and if they are not marginalized out of office, huge sums of money will work to keep them from being reëlected, and if those sums do not succeed, they will be suicided or die in a tragic accident or just straight up shot in the head. I think it's really already gotten to the point where they are told point blank to resign, and they do because they know what happens if they don't.

I have been hollering for a long time for us to just ignore this culture warring, and find ways to make common cause with the people around us. Now I feel compelled to mention that EVERYBODY always answers me that they are helpless, that they can't effect the kind of change we need. "You can't fight city hall." Well, you can ignore city hall. You can join and create communities and start creating movements of nobodies who can and will make the changes that are necessary. The people who own this world have NO power when we do that.

So I'm going to be spending more time on that sort of thing. I'm going to pare down my wanderings around to bring you the bits of news and pieces of writing on it that I think help advance understanding of the dimensions of what is at work killing us, but most of you are all very adept at finding that stuff yourselves... or those who pipe up anyway... so maybe I'll do a post that lists some links on that stuff every day, but start finding ideas about healthy futures and people who want to engage in such ideas and mentor youngsters who also want to engage in this—instead of being obsessed with the culture warring, instead of giving the enemy the power that flows with your attention.

It has been throttling me for a long time just how blind the culture warriors are, and how utterly futile and naught but exercises in thinking well of oneself the comments on these warriors' blogs truly are. A huge population of really very bright people are turning themselves into dangerously distracted rubes—jackasses—behind this trumped-up psychedelia being dished by the people who run the world.

So this is my announcement that I am going to make a big effort to pull out of thrall with these multifarious atrocities, and look for ways to successfully ignore that which my attention only empowers... not ignore it as in not be cognizant of it, but ignore it as in not giving it my energy, not giving it weight in my efforts to come up with positive manifestation.

Honestly. Since there is this global sense of apathy rampant in American society, nobody but the maniacs they're banking on helping to tighten the fascist noose is going to get up and do what it takes to stop the perfidies, truly, what other positive course is there for someone who gives a damn and WANTS to make a better world than to turn away? Take their power away from them by ignoring them. Not by distracting yourself with the millions of little hobbies and interests and family things. Not by ceasing to be a busy apathetic on the threads just to be wandering around apathetic on the streets. No. Not apathy. Nurturing your need to move this forward positively. The only way to do that is to ignore the fascists, ignore the crap being put out to weigh us down under their mountains of evil... and... here it is again... stop doing and perform.

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