12 March 2010

they've spiked our french bread with lsd!

[click image, anomalously broken link fixed]


Old Uncle Dave has just settled the riddle vexing me for much of my adult life. I thought they were sneaking it into my coffee....

This probably explains the Japanese whaling shit, too....
Glenn Inwood, a spokesman for Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research, the body which oversees the annual whale hunt, said the annual whale research programme in the Antarctic is "purely legal, recognised and accepted" by the world whaling body.

"[Hunting] in the whale sanctuary is not a contravention of anything in the spirit of the sanctuary or in the legality of it," he told Al Jazeera.

"That is Japan's position… that it is quite clearly allowed in there under the convention."

He said Japan had undertaken the research to compile enough data so the International Whaling Commission can implement commercial whaling again.

"The idea here is for the resumption of commercial whaling in the Antarctic," he added.
So either we start feeding ourselves or find an antidote for LSD.


  1. http://www.whale.to/b/jonestown.html

  2. I'm getting a "You are lost" message at the link.

    Bad link? Or is that the answer?

  3. The "l" in "html" was cut off. I don't know how that happened.....

    It's fixed now.

  4. And your link brings me back to this page.

  5. And your link brings me back to this page.

    That's the second time that has happened. I use the BBCode extension in Firefox to insert the codes. Sometimes it seems to grab the URL of your page rather than retaining the URL which I have pasted and highlighted to make into a link.

    But what joy is there in computing without such exciting glitches?

  6. We will probably NEVER know!


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