11 March 2010

bedtime story

[click image, mp3, entire Malloy show]

I have been laboring under the impression that Malloy read a particularly important Paul Craig Roberts piece on the air on 25 February 2010, and you can just right click the image to download the mp3 of the entire Malloy Show for that date. It was supposed to have started within the first twenty minutes or so—minute 18:25 to be exact—so you won't have to listen to the whole thing if you are not inclined.

I love Malloy to bits, but am having a great deal of trouble with this lately, due to having put my foot down about all this raving against Republicans and Tea Parties, etc. I don't think he's a fascist-in-denial as many of those who engage in that action clearly are. His whole personality is about the transcendental transmission of righteous rants... and I don't know how to give him some constructive criticism because he's so close to perfect, even with this dangerous aspect to his mode of expression. When I have it together to suggest ways to him that he might still be as fantastically him as he is and cease to contribute to the lethal divisiveness passing for politics and threatening to burn down the planet, you can bet I will email him with those ideas.

Meanwhile, here is something I know ahead of listening has GOT to be good. I'd love to have Malloy read me stuff all day and all night. I'm going to listen as soon as I'm done listening to a couple clowns argue about foreign policy.....

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