02 March 2010

vote for moonbeam

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Even though he's the worst, most unrepentant health nazi I have EVER met, I still love the guy. He has been a man about stuff that turns most mortals into mice for his whole career, and sat in the Zendo with me one morning long ago. You get a real feel for people that way. You can hear their thoughts, their true thoughts. He meant that homage to Buddhism, and anyone who ever saw him arguing on Buckley's tv show knows the guy is SERIOUSLY smart, and MEANS his progressivism.


  1. No more Democrats or Republicans! Haven't they both done enough? Brown is against single-payer and he got in bed with the prison guards union and worked to defeat Prop 5. Screw him! Right in his Party mascot!

    Laura Wells for Governor

  2. Oh, well, in truth it doesn't matter who we elect... they all turn fascist anyway.....


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