02 March 2010

waiting for my old friend

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Trish and I were roommates back when we were in our twenties. I'd given up on roommates. What an appalling way to try to live in this world! I was SICK of bullshit knocking my life to bits every time I turned around. So swore off it.

Trish found a two-bedroom flat she was just crazy for, but couldn't afford, and begged me to reconsider. I will be grateful for the rest of time that I relented. We lived together for quite a few years and never once had even part of a fight about anything! It was total solidarity the whole time. When she left to go live with Scott, I thought I was going to die without her. I told her I'd rather she married me... that she could keep Scott as her boyfriend, but just stay with me. I don't have a homosexual cell in my body, but I meant that I wanted to spend my life with her. She is one of the miracles of humanity for sure.

I wish she'd hurry up and get here!

However. NOBODY can hurry up and get here. I live many hard miles from anywhere.


  1. "Divine aphasia"... immortal term....


  2. Nice spectacles, 99! And I agree good flatmates are hard to find. Its such a joy to find a great one like Trish.

  3. Oh, thanks! I am not very happy with them. They are a lot cheaper than they looked when I frittered away fifteen bucks for them and I don't have much confidence that they will live long through all the on and off I do of my sundry pairs of cheaters, but well, I squished my old best computer glasses whilst hugging my poppa so hard and the glue gig to keep them happening till the replacements arrived was darn iffy.

    I always think you would be as good to live with as Trish is and want to fly to Australia to found some great future farm and commune for Zen/sane people to weather the coming breakdown of the modern world together and teach young people not to fall into the same old DESTRUCTIVE mental patterns, save the future of humanity... if there could even be one... but... well... I think we HAVE to get me married off to Norman or somebody before that would even be feasible. $15 cheaters are a major investment for me, let alone a plane ticket, let alone buying property of any consequence.

    Maybe you can attract some relatively solvent seed money donor.... :-P

    The thing I hate about my visits with Trish is that they always end. You'd think I could get used to it, but I never do.



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