11 March 2010

what's going to happen to the grayson option?

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You should bear in mind that Grayson is polling AMONG REPUBLICANS twice what any of the Republicans running to oppose him are. So this is more evidence that Republicans are not who you've been led to believe they are... and it is more evidence that what I've been saying about broad support for Single Payer among Republicans, and Tea Partiers, is true.

Read the bill....

Track its progress....

Bonus points:
Congressional opponents of the war in Afghanistan forced a debate Wednesday on the floor of the House of Representatives on a resolution to bring U.S. forces home and end the 8-year-old conflict.

The measure ended up losing, 356 to 65, a margin that had been expected.
Grayson was one of these... as, of course, were Kucinich and Paul.

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