04 March 2010

you won't do anything about this

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You were supposed to see this yesterday. I messed up. Sorry.

Notice that the people in this clip are from ALL across the political spectrum, from every angle—EVEN the psychopathic Glenn Beck, sounding perfectly lucid, disorienting as we might find that—TELL THE TRUTH—be HONEST—and they're ALL pointing at the same perpetrators.

So, wanna explain to me again WHY we're fighting EACH OTHER?


  1. because of media.

    Media like truthhut, and Depressing Me Now, Huffington Poo, and now Brad-slog. The new media hasn't learned how to throw a collective punch. The working class has no public voice, unless it's the sound of a wing-nut moving at terminal velocity. If those fucks would have covered 9/11 in 2004 like they should have. Like the coup it really is. 24 hours a day for weeks on end for the whole world to see. If we had actual news, would millions on middle class still bought a house last year.

    We're still fighting because millions, MILLIONS, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LOVE THE DISNEY CHANNEL.

    Can Brad deal with the fact that Taibbi is correct? Disney Channel.

    Look at Arianna Huffington. Fuck, I read the name aloud and I know I'm fucked. What's her top headline today...Congressional oversite panel for tarp...wow. What's next Hanna Montana News Hour. Conyers having a hearing?

    I can only come up with 3 people I know personally who have really hit the wall. I know business owners who lost everthing: business, house, car, everything...they think the economy will come back in late 2010. I'm not fighting them I'm fighting their programmed "intelligence".
    I sold my house and live in solar powered school bus. I make my own power, I don't pay property taxes, and I don't have debt. I'm working on food. I'm an outcast. This year I was even shunned by my post-catholic friends because I refused to celebrate christmas. They aren't Catholic!!!! Two of them have dreads. Tradition. Tradition of being fucking idiots. It's fucking psychosis in the streets.

    As far as I can see if you don't change your habits you won't manifest change. The habits for the majority of Americans haven't changed...look at our rock star leader.

    ps-I love amped status.
    In Rwanda, during the genocide of '94, the church...yes the Catholic church gave refuge to Tutsi fleeing the genocide. Once the Tutsi where in the churches, and the doors were locked(by the priest), they bull-dozed the churches.
    I told this story to my dread-headed ex-catholic friends. They celebrated the holidays as usual. They haven't seen the bullet holes in their house, I guess, yet.

  2. Sam, sometimes I think it's a damn shame yer too young for me. I know how frustrating... exasperating... terrifying it is, man. Trishie, who just left, thinks what she's supposed to think... SMART and wonderful as she is... much as I love her more than me... she thinks Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy. It's hopeless.

    But there is a saying: It's too late to be pessimistic.

  3. And, also, YES, that's why I quit on Brad. I waited way too long for him to have an epiphany. It's SO stupid it's starting to become EVIL... and he just won't stop being avid to go along with the kind of shit those other self-styled "progressive" but more like "fascist-in-denial" sites dish out.


  4. And I am LOVING Amped Status. That kid's on it.

  5. I have a question: Hal Turner was paid 6 figures by the FBI to stoke up fears on his radio show he said under oath in court. Now, Turner is the guy who "exposed" the Amero, we've all seen that video. So, well, you take it from there. You think Glenn Beck by any chance is being paid, too? Or all of them? Anyone on TV and radio?

  6. Personally, I wouldn't join any group. I wouldn't join a supposedly liberal group and I wouldn't join the Tea Party. And I think the Tea Party is being painted with too broad a brush from the left AND the right. There's Tea Party factions that are Ron Paul and co-opted Tea Party Express. They're not all good and they're not all bad. You claim the left is painting them with too broad a brush and there's good people in the TP. I think you're painting them with too broad the opposite brush and there's some bad to it, like racism. And it's somewhere in the middle.

  7. Danny, I so TOTALLY think there are all kinds of people paid megabucks to manipulate us over the airwaves AND through the tubes. MY point is that they won't stop. But what you are arguing here is that maybe the media is being paid to manipulate us into rising up, and that you won't rise up because you're not a joiner. There were all kinds of different people in that video, from both sides, and neither side, saying the same thing. All kinds of brilliant people have been saying this. I don't know if any of them have been paid to say it, or how many of them, have been paid to say it... it's not beyond the realm of feasibility that they are trying to manipulate us with this stuff... but that STILL doesn't mean we should sit back and let them give each other trillions of dollars and mandate health insurance with NO protection for the consumer and start wars and build an empire and yank away all our jobs and homes and lower our pay and loot our pensions.... So you are making excuses.

    My broad brush for the tea partiers is that they are humans, our fellow citizens, I personally know a bunch of them want single payer, and all but a few of them want some or most or all of the things I listed here to stop.


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