25 April 2010

everything you always were afraid to ask

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Ribbit ribbit...


  1. I'm watching Encounters/End of the World on the Sundance channel.
    A documentary on the people who live and work in Antarctica.

    Very interesting. They played the sounds of the seals under the ice. Wow! Way too cool.

    The girl cited Pink Floyd as the closest comparison.

    The show itself is hard to describe. Not only are they talking with scientists, but also the support people. Giving brief looks at their backgrounds and getting their comments regarding the way things are in the world today.

    Many of them came to Antarctica to escape oppressive environments.

  2. No. Fuck them! I want a "Watch Online" button. Goddam Herzog is even worse than that goddam Redford....

  3. Ooooo...


    Needs a "Watch Online" indeed.


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