26 April 2010


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As you know, I endured listening to that sickeningly pro-Israel J Street guy the other day, to find out that their approach is to instate some ability for the whores in Congress to put America first and be friends with Israel in a sort of less evil way. Okay, okay, good, I guess, whatever it takes, I guess, but this frickin' reverence for something that does not exist really freaks me out. "Israel", this ideal so many have going for themselves, is a fairytale. The reality is NOTHING like that, and cannot become like that. Actuality dictates far sterner measures.

First thing I tune in to the tubes today, I find this post, when last thing before getting in bed last night I received THIS LINK in my email. I guess I'm going to have to look around today to see if there's really an opening for us to help make manifest Abu Mazen's hysterically funny articulated desire for Obama to "impose" peace....

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