22 April 2010

i never can decide between saying "them" and "us"

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This piece has me all over the map. I'm a quarter injun, and so I'm not exactly wasichu and not exactly a redskin either... even though a LOT of Native Americans, from a bunch of different tribes, never had red skin at all... nor even the black hair... and plenty of them/us even had/have freckles, full-blooded or otherwise.

First, it hasn't been proven that indians are Asians who crossed the land bridge that is now the Aleutian Chain. There are some who think we/they rode South America away from Africa and migrated north. Personally, I think we/they swam west when Atlantis sank, or that the Americas ARE Atlantis, just lost a lot getting ripped away like that, but, really, it could be that we got here in space pods. Okay? Pull yourselves together.

One thing that is almost universal among indians... and heavily a problem for some Asians as well... is the digestion of carbohydrates thing... the reason they go batshit crazy on a sip of booze. SOME get drunk on a bowl of pasta. So the WHOLE notion of finding genetic markers for "sugar diabetes" is just asinine.



Go heavy to meat, protein, NO CANDY, NO SUGAR. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat meats and fish, nuts, lotsa nuts and waaaaaay light on the grains. No salt. Lots of water. And don't let yer kids anywhere near the crap that got you here... make it a sin. Make it part of the teaching. Put it on the Beauty Path. Fuck.


And, excuse me, but it is way past the time when we/you should be OVER the victim shtick, and TEACHING these psychotic fucks how to LIVE.

Some of our ancestors were wiped out by saber-toothed cats. Are you still whining about THAT, too?



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