22 April 2010

more bullcrap we gotta cut out

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It's time to stop ignoring "conspiracy theorists", too. Sorry. I know this will be a chore. Believe me. I know how big a chore it is. I have already been spending monster amounts of time wading through "alternative research" in what I refer to as my space lizard studies. Just remind yourself that you came with no ease of use warranty when you were born.

So not only do we have to drop mountains of stuff that was loaded onto us in school and in society, but we also must go and start discerning for ourselves what is real, because, clearly, we cannot trust scholars or journalists to do it for us.

This is really, really difficult, if, ultimately, simple.

The alternative is not better....


  1. Well the picture sure matches the subject...


  2. I'm gonna try this again , first time I posted it didn't show up.

    I'm thinkin' that you may have already seen this video interview 99 , but on the off chance you haven't ...

    Super Soldiers

  3. Yessir. You are right. I have seen it already and I have been on the fence about HOW seriously to take it... not because I don't believe the space lizards are THAT inhumane and psychotic, but more having to do with the over-credulity and obnoxiousness of the woman interviewing him in many of her videos, AND a weird feeling bouncing up off the camaraderie between Duncan and others in the same boat. I'm certain SOMETHING of the sort is and has been going on, but also have to remember that part of the nature of having yer brains manipulated THAT intensely is going to leave you with a tendency not to be able to distinguish too well between dream and fantasy and actuality... on TOP of yanking you toward people who, truly or falsely, come to you with similar problems.

    It's a damn hornets' nest out there.

    Still, I try to endure as much of their stuff as I can because there is a LOT to learn from most of the people they interview. It's just really HARD to post most of it without spending a couple days compiling all the qualifiers needed so people don't just take it as a blanket endorsement.

    Thanks for putting the link up here for people.

  4. "No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine."
    - William Blum


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