27 April 2010

i'm going back to the space lizards

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What the hell. I wanna hear what they have to say about Atlantis the most, I think, but there could be a real clue about something in here, so I downloaded it to listen from bed. I'll turn my monitor toward my bed so if they say anything stupendous, I can look up and see what's on the screen. You never know. I'm wiped from my standard operational apoplexy in any case, and this stuff is shot through with interesting facts, outrageous speculation and it's one heck of a fertile medium for ideas for fiction.

I'm supposed to be writing fiction.

Except I still SUCK as a liar, and fiction still feels too much like lying.

Could be listening to guys going wild off historical snippets and artifacts will help the creative juices or provide one really good usable notion off of which I can riff my way into a whole story, if not unlock the cosmos.

You never know.

Hey. Whoa. That was way cool....

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