27 April 2010

bit of a dust-up in the ukraine parliament

[click image]

Seems the pro-fascists are angry at the anti-fascists in power. Never mind that the pro-fascists who took power in one of our covert ops color revolutions brought Ukraine to its knees, and were soundly trounced by the anti-fascists in the recent elections, they're not done fighting, not above turning parliament into a circus for the world media.

I'm thinking I'm just about to write something to turn into its own page for this blog, and am not much moved by the news today, so I don't know how many posts I will be doing until probably much later tonight... not sure... but I want to reiterate that the slide show presentation linked directly below was FASCINATING. I really enjoyed it. It's 45 minutes long and worth your time to see some really cool stuff.

I was mad that I didn't get some kind of summation of the research to date on Atlantis, but I guess I'll have to keep looking for something not too obviously wuwu for that.

Anyway, maybe something semi-new will be issuing forth here pretty soon.


  1. Pro-fascists angry at anti-fascists....my gawd! it's a god damn world wide epidemic...


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