27 April 2010

we interrupt this silence

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To bring you a hailstorm, big as heck. It has been raining pretty hard, on and off, for the last couple days, and about an hour ago it turned bitter cold out again. It just got done hailing like holy hell for a couple minutes. This is exactly the pattern that has been going on for months, with the intervals decreasing. It would be weeks of warm with days of very cold, and it has moved into days and hours of warm with hours and minutes of very cold.

The birds out there are having a snit fit. OMG, you can hear their birdie cursing.

I think this has gotten too weird for me. I think they are screwing with the weather... maybe some secret program to combat global warming... whatever. Something is seriously up. We just came through the most non-winterlike winter ever, with the most winterlike spring ever coming hard on its heels... and all of it has been in this supremely nature-confusing pattern... about which the local birds have finally just snapped.

I'm having to estimate here, but up until about 5pm or so it was aproximately 63 degrees out, cloudy, with intermittent heavy showers, with a couple momentary sunbursts. Inside a half hour it went to somewhere below 48 degrees, a huge burst of hail, and now it's back up to 52 degrees. I'm telling you, this is NOT anything approximating normal, not even approximating recorded weird weather.

I solved my sugar problem by just cutting the sugar and vanilla from my logger martini. Today I left about a fifth of my last cup of very strong coffee and half and half, and then filled it with milk, dumped that into a pan to heat, dumped that back into the mug, took a few sips, added a slop of brandy when there was room for it and called it good. Beside calling it good, it actually was good.


  1. Similar weather here. 85 one day, 54 the next. Record rainfall for April, yet we are still only at 90% normal rainfall for the year.

    Tired this morning - went to see The Eagles last night.

    Very good show - they played for 2-1/2 hours with a 20 minute break in the middle.

    Lots of songs from their new album, a number of Don Henley and Joe Walsh hits plus loads of their old hits.

  2. Here at my office it's been hailing for about 15 minutes now. Pea size hail - enough that the bare dirt in the adjacent field has turned to a layer of white.

  3. Having last seen them live something like 27 years ago, I don't think I could have taken it. They're probably still wonderful, but Don Henley can't ever stop having THAT voice or I curl up and die.

    I swear, we have moved to Alaska.

  4. It was the first time I've seen the Eagles live - They were every bit as good as any of their recordings.

    The vocals were kind of muffled during the first song - hard to understand, but the sound guys got it together by the second song.

    8 people in their backup band - 3 keyboards, a drummer, a lead guitarist and a four piece horn section.

    The videos they played with their new stuff had a lot of imagery against war and what we are doing to the earth. I want to find the lyrics that went with it.

    And the video with Henley's "Dirty Laundry" was a huge condemnation of the media industry - updated with all the current characters - Beck, Limbaugh, Coulter, Fox News etc, even Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert were mixed in.
    It culminated in a long series of magazines such as "People" and all the others you see at the grocery store news stands - the sheeple food. Interspersed were fake issues featuring the various band members on the covers.

  5. long series of magazines


    Forgot to say the magazines were being thrown onto an ever growing pile.

  6. Tim Schmidt used to hang with my crowd, and so I know for sure these guys are as observant of the bullshit in the world as ever... can't turn that light off. It STILL blows my mind that people think so many of their anti-drug, anti-sleeze, anti-fast-lane songs are ANTHEMS to them instead of condemnations.

    I saw them at the Oakland Coliseum when they were all seven of them, and it was outright transcendental. They didn't do all the visual effects, they just sang and played so well the guy I was with was hopping up and down over the harmonies... literally.... He went batshit crazy with glee. By day, a suit of the first water, but by night, a rock maniac.

    He always freaked that I could sing along with everything that came on the radio, and so I started hauling his ass to concerts with me and turning him on to albums and radio stations. I think, actually, he'd've killed himself if I hadn't done that... hadn't let him out of his box. So, never let it be said my babetude was a TOTAL waste....

  7. And the part about the growing pile of magazines is downright sage. It is like a mountain of shit being shoveled on us by a thousand shovels that work full time. They never stop. It's a damn machine.

  8. It is like a mountain of shit being shoveled on us by a thousand shovels that work full time.


  9. Yes. I think I have that one, that metaphor, down.

    I'm busy working on my looooong piece, but thanks for the interruption so I can get up and shake off the kinks, grab a bite, and press on.


  10. I'm busy working on my looooong piece

    Better go rest my eyes!


  11. 28 degrees below normal the last couple of days.
    Areas just to the north got a 3" deep layer of hail today.

    Mini thunderstorms rolled through the area. Some got quite large.

  12. Sun came out this afternoon, darn lovely, almost warm, though snow on the mountains, and then about an hour ago the Arctic atmosphere came back and the hail just blasted the snot out of us again. My rose bushes have a quatrillion buds almost gonna bloom and the hail is starting to not just shred their leaves but break the stalks on each but that tries to open enough to bloom.



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