24 April 2010

make up for that dud interview earlier

[click image, video playlist, audio, under an hour — link fixed now to play the whole thing]

Joseph P. Farrell and Peter Levenda speak together for nearly an hour about their researches into the Nazis after WWII that are completely sourced and documented but just can't seem to get any mainstream treatment....

If you want it in more detail, go here... video, nearly two hours.


  1. Farrell (as well as Dr. Littleton from your previous blog entry) allude to what I think is the reason for no "mainstream treatment" on these issues.

    None of the (so called) elite minds of our generation are willing to sacrifice their funding , tenure , doctorates , etc , to come out of the closet to shine some light on these subjects. Oh , they're perfectly willing to muse about such things, but to come out in support just isn't in their bestinterests.

    I think the lizards have already found the Holy Grail so to speak, and anyone inside their sphere of influence that dares to ask the wrong questions gets thrown outside the gates.

    The very best scientific minds worked outside that sphere of influence. Their life WAS their science, unfortunately, (for them and us)..

    The Lizards knew this as well

  2. Sorry , wrong link for the Lavenda-Farrell playlist. Here's the correct link...

    Lavenda and Farrell

  3. Thanks DGP for the Tesla links, and thanks for fixing my playlist link. I deleted your comment with the wrong link in it so people don't get even more confused... and fixed it at the image link. Thank you. Thank you.

  4. I'm getting pissed off about how confusing it is to just get the playlists links from the channels, and you can't get them on the video page either UNLESS the person who uploaded them made them into a playlist. Big pain in the ass... but maybe I'm just missing something....

  5. When viewing a vid that is part of a series, copy the video title into the search box and click the search options in the top left hand corner, select "playlists". If there's one available , it should come up.

  6. Well, right, I know about that, and somewhere I have a way to change the channel playlist page, that has them all on it, but not a specific link to just play all of them, into a link that will play all of them. I know that usually in a series of vids SOMEBODY has already made a playlist of them, but they used to have a button on the page where you could just see all the playlists that included that video. I'm just being pissy because I hate having to "uncloak" to go make my own playlists of stuff I want to make easier for the people who visit here. Essentially, I want to just think whatever I want into existence and make it so.

    I actually wouldn't deal with a lot of software and the internet itself until these got to a certain level of functionality because all they ever did was slow me up. I want things to be fantastically more functional than they ever seem to be, and I can't describe my hatred of sites putting cookies on people's computers and making people sign in to get anything done there.

    We oughta be able to just drag and drop video icons into a box at YouTube and have it create a playlist link for us to use on the spot, without signing in, without dicking around with accounts and channels and crap. I mean, fine for the channels to be happening because you can follow the people you think put up great stuff, but for people who want to bring things up with their own mix, or make something nobody already made easier easy easily, they could damn well do something like that.

    All these blogs that make you sign in to comment now are doing it NOT to try to improve their communities, but by trying to COERCE stats out of their visitor. They use the stats to figure out what works the best on people. They're all fucking antichrist demographers and marketing geniuses... THEY ARE SATAN'S SPAWN.

  7. When you click on a playlist from a persons channel , click the first segment of the series. When it starts to play, hover over the player, a playlist annotation should pop up , click that and it should bring up a separate page with playlist url at the top.

    lol , no need to "uncloak" unless it's Tish that wants to come out a play :p

  8. Ha! Thank you! I wondered about that little player icon thing. I knew the clicking the first would make them all play but don't think most people know that and so wanted a link that would either just play them all or give something like "Play All" to click. So next time I will try that.

    Still, I think my little instant playlist idea is pretty good. Couldn't take up much space and would REALLY be a boon to some of us!

  9. Your quite welcome , glad to help :)




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