24 April 2010

saint tesla

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One thing I have definitely learned in my adventures in space lizardry is that there are a whole lot of true things, big true things, completely left out of the public sphere—universities, media, social consciousness—that would be immeasurably helpful for everyone to know.

The real story about Nikola Tesla alone would have given us an entirely different world. But think of, say, the Yale MBAs who could have fished our asses out of this death lock of vampire capitalism if they had learned at Yale about our actual monetary policy, if they had been taught that the Fed is not federal, etc. Think of the heroes who might still walk the earth without MK Ultra. Think about how we may never have had a Mossad if all those Nazi scientists hadn't been snatched up by the United States and the Soviet Union. Think how much better our technology would be if we didn't go off down an eighty-year-and-counting black hole in physics, if Einstein's attempts at Unified Field theories had been pursued, if so much of Tesla's stuff hadn't been deep-sixed by plutocrats. All kinds of ACTUAL stuff that hardly anyone knows about would have rendered a vastly saner world if they had ever been mainstream knowledge.

And consider how much is secret and suppressed right now. We SEE our government covering up actuality every day. How much of that is actually stuff that could help liberate us?

All of it.

So it isn't that oligarchs have been ruining our lives since Dubya got selected. Not by a long shot. They've just gotten less concerned about what it looks like to us is all. I'm not saying this to help you shrug it off on the grounds that it's always been this way. I'm saying it to help you realize that the power exercised over us by these people needs to come to a complete halt.

This is particularly interesting to me because as a very young girl I decided to try to write a book about a woman scientist who got the secret of free energy from dolphins. I'd started writing poems at about age seven, and then letters and poems, and then thought to start trying to write stories and novels. My very first idea was about liberating the world with free, clean, limitless energy for everyone.

I don't know why.

Except that I had been shocked to learn that water did not materialize at the tap, that there was some clunking system of pipes to get it to everyone's homes. Similarly, wires were needed for electricity and telephones. I recoiled at the notion of tv and radio coming in off the air. Microwave ovens have creeped me out since they went into production. For as insane as it might sound, I think I knew way more at age seven than I did after graduating from school. The first couple years were very helpful because they got the whole language and numbers basics in straight, though I had been reading and doing math before kindergarten, just not clear on how to produce this stuff on my own. Other than that, only snippets of all the rest of my education ended up being useful at all, and in the aggregate I do swear my education set me back, buried my greater intelligence almost beyond retrieval.

So. Maybe this isn't true for everyone, but I suspect actually that it is. But even if you insist that average kids need school, at the very least we should be radically changing the contents of that "educating"... because, as it is, it really is better called "conditioning".


  1. Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.
    - Woodrow Wilson

  2. No matter how organized, subtle, watchful, complete and pervasive, it is worth the lives of each and all of us to rip them from their positions of power and to decimate their networks.


    Talking about it ends up amounting to GOSSIP... which doesn't cut it.

  3. I think instead of killing them, per se, it would be better to go in groups to places where we know their will intersects with the execution of it and physically yank these people from their positions, put them behind bars, pending the capture of enough of them to get at their roots. I'm sure some of them won't be yanked without killing getting involved, but, since it's such an entrenched thing, there isn't any one or small group of them it would be effective to just kill. One should never kill anyway, except in defense of life, and we know going in that killing one at a time could never be effective... ergo it would not ACTUALLY be in defense of anything... except maybe the delusion of defending life....

  4. The POINT is to STOP them... which, like with capital punishment, does NOT mean they need killing. Killing is ONLY okay when you need to in order to eat or when there isn't another way to halt egregious harm to life.

  5. I mean, killing broccoli or chickens or fish or carrots or whatever, IS defense of life... so would have been assassinating, say, Idi Amin... or the stormtrooper you find about to blow someone's head off. When it's a powerful and secret network it would take intimate knowledge of its secret workings to be able to kill it... an inside job... in defense of life. So life defenders can't just go killing CEOs or bank owners.

    The imperative is to stop them. That means the lot of them, or so many of them the remnants are impotent.

  6. mmmmm ... I smell lizard soup :p

  7. Hey I got your water for ya...
    right here... (More to come when I post them.)

    Maybe ya wanna talk about Vector Control instead?
    (Notice how all the links have been scrubed?)


  8. Water for ya right here.. Whoopsie... lol forgot the link.


  9. Hope your doin good, I feel like shit. But hey, I keep drudging along...


  10. Hey, Phil. Yes, I'm doing darn well, thank you. Glad to hear from you.

    Does the meter shit mean Sacramento doesn't get municipal water anymore? Does this mean you guys now have water bills too? I'm sure it's part of an effort to conserve, which might be good, but the water bill thing is NOT okay... even if everywhere else already does it. I could hang with it if they ONLY billed those who used outrageous amounts of water, but they outrageously bill everybody and don't do much to the profligates.

  11. Go after them legally? It would take a justice department staffed top to bottom with Kevin Costner's Elliot Nesses. Even with that, much of their evil is legal. Their people wrote the laws.

  12. No! Fuck "legally". WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN ANYMORE, ANYWAY? I mean mobs of us going in and physically removing people from their positions and incarcerating them somewhere in OUR control. I mean a revolution that ONLY gets violent if THEY make it that way. I mean something like Gandhi's COMPLETELY NOT WIMPY forcing the issue, with one difference. Instead of just disobeying, we take away the people making us obey, take away the people who kill guys who try to follow in Tesla's footsteps, take away whoever tries to legislate and enforce the will of that power Wilson was talking about. I'm sure a lot of those legislators don't like it a bit and would be relieved by such action. The deal is: They took this power without our permission. We have to take it away from them without their permission... or we will never EVER stop them.

  13. Hello ,

    99 said...

    Hey, Phil. Yes, I'm doing darn well, thank you. Glad to hear from you.

    Does the meter shit mean Sacramento doesn't get municipal water anymore?
    I don't know, I am in the CITY LIMITS 1171 ALDER TREE WAY,

    Does this mean you guys now have water bills too?
    I don't know, I think they are planning on letting the bitch run
    for two years, and then analyzing the data. (which means we
    need to not fucking freak out and use water normally, cause in
    the end, they will take the PEAK, and start carving it down,

    I'm sure it's part of an effort to conserve,
    It's much more complex than that. You should hope we do the
    Periphrial Canal. <sp eRRoRz GaloRe.. lol

    which might be good,
    Nobody did this with malicious intent. It COULD be bad data.
    but not malicious. In the end, it will be LESS by .5 inch
    reduction. I have to say, unless your putting a fire out, I
    guess the homeowners hose won't matter now -lol, then it
    really don't matter. ;o) I laugh a lot now.

    but the water bill thing is NOT okay...
    Well fuck you got to pay for it somehow, clean drinkable
    water ain't free. Although I think they should be more
    up-front about what's IN the water. I smell fucking CLORINE.
    ZBut that's a wise shnouse.

    even if everywhere else already does it.
    There's already a plan in place for everything. It will be
    done. ( I sound like I am commanding gods ) I dunno how I
    know, but I know. The question is, are folks smart enough
    to provide oversight of their own water supply, or will it
    degrade by ...fuck I forget the words..

    I could hang with it if they ONLY billed those who used outrageous amounts of water,
    Yeah like me falling asleep for 24 hours watering the yard?

    but they outrageously bill everybody and don't do much to the profligates.
    Well, I dunno what to say, you need water to live, you can
    only milk people so much, and it starts to KILL things. I
    don't think they are KILLING US yet.

    No need to get all bent. I will post more photos,
    including an installed water meter. Wee Haa Free shizzzzz

    4/24/10 5:24 PM
    Old Uncle Dave said...

    Go after them legally?
    Yeah that's really the only stop if you think about it. They have
    this "ancient history" so you have to TREAD carefully. But SEE MY
    ARG's for some issues. I ain't stupid. Maybe the wayback
    machine can help?!?

    It would take a justice department staffed top to bottom with Kevin Costner's Elliot Nesses.
    Even with that, much of their evil is legal. Their people wrote the laws.


    Peace My Amigos, and Amigas.

    Best regards,
    fsckdsl mailto:fsckdsl@gmail.com

  14. re: "I mean a revolution that ONLY gets violent if THEY make it that way."

    I think that ship has sailed.

  15. Yes. In a real sense it already has, but we don't have to look at in terms of bloodlust or of "insurrection" going in. We don't have to obey criminals. We have to stop them. So, I think the rules of engagement are, yank them out of their offices, their positions, forcibly but without harming them physically, unless they threaten us physically.

    I loved McVeigh's reasons, but not his approach. If one could strip off the deed and get right down to the sentiment that sparked it, he would be revered as a martyred patriot. But it really isn't about making war. It's about defense of life.

  16. Money is power; it pays for armies to protect/extend that power. Yanking people out is fine, but their replacements will have access to the money/power. In the good old days, the castle could be stormed and the royal treasury looted. Nowadays the aristocrats have too much lucre to store in vaults; it's all electronic entries on servers somewhere. Perhaps the heroes of the next revolution will be hackers. Imagine if all the Dept of Defense's checks started bouncing. :)

  17. Money is NOT power. It is thin air. Money is what WE say it is. They get yanked out from behind their desks so they don't get to enter anything electronically anymore. WE say what money is, and what it's worth, how much of it buys what, and even IF money gets used for anything at all.

    People's whole lives are spent in slavery. Other people are slaughtered. Billions starve. ALL OF IT is this head trip, this mental prison, these cells we each enter without questioning.

    I do NOT keep screaming for people to wake up just to be colorful.

  18. Well they've used that thin air to hired armed guards, so anyone planning to yank them out from behind their desks has to be prepared to do some killing.

  19. Yes. They have to be prepared to do that. It just shouldn't be their intention going in. They don't HAVE to be dead. They HAVE to be stopped.

  20. Does this mean you guys now have water bills too?

    My understanding is that for the first year they will still bill the flat rate while showing you what your current usage will cost once metered.

    Although the schedule I saw a few months ago said they were two years away for me, the installation crew is only two blocks down the street.

    When I first saw them I thought "Oh Great", then I saw the installation - a vault right in the middle of the concrete sidewalk with asphalt piled in where they removed the sidewalk slab. The asphalt wasn't even rolled flat, just piled in and scraped once towards flatness. Kind of like a Rocky Mountain/Appalachian Mountain work of art.
    At one home the owner was out stomping it down.

    I went home and got my camera to take photos. I was going to email them to the Sac Bee and the TV news with a complaint.

    I decided to go to the store and stop on the way home to take pictures.

    As I was returning home, driving down the next block over, I came across a work crew loading asphalt into a truck and freshly poured concrete around the meter vault.

    Oh, so the asphalt is temporary...

    False alarm!

    (On the sidewalk issue anyway)


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