22 April 2010

naomi wolf is voting with her feet

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It's what I love about her, beside how smart she is and how much she loves everyone. I got an email from her that she's merging the American Freedom Campaign into the Bill of Rights Defense Committee. I see she is now on their advisory board, along with a bunch of good people from liberal, conservative and libertarian political leanings. I see they really are about CONCRETE ways people can take action to put the Bill of Rights back and restore the LONG LOST rule of law.

This is music to my eyeprints, you guys.

This Hatfield and McCoy crap on the intertubes mortifies me, depresses me SO badly. I'm not kidding. It hurts like holy hell to witness it, let alone try to get along in it. So HERE is a possible route to justice at last, IF people put as much energy into it as they do into bashing their ideological fake adversaries.

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