21 April 2010

you'd think they'd be too ashamed

[click image]

But I guess you would be wrong.


  1. The system is intended for the urban battlefield — an eye in the sky that can stare down concrete canyons, and blink out targets with extreme precision

    Now they can take out cameramen and civilians from an office somewhere instead of in the cockpit.

    Much easier when it is a video game!

  2. What a bunch of sissies! Cowardly, murderous morons!

    But the guitar almost makes up for it...

  3. Drill baby Drill!

    Since 2001, there have been 69 offshore drilling deaths, 1,349 injuries and 858 fires and explosions in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the Minerals Management Service.


    Don't know why they just didn't make the whole article into a URL!

  4. But the guitar almost makes up for it...

    OK, ya lost me there...

  5. You have to click the text link for the guitar....

  6. :o) Doncha just HATE it when that happens!


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