16 April 2010

the new world order

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Seems Jason Bermas wants to take on the NWO.

Like all Alex Jones productions, the solid stuff comes at the beginning, lasts most of the way through it and the shakier stuff comes in the last section. Each time I get a clearer picture of why these guys are so batshit crazy against anything having to do with a climate crisis, and it's understandable. Outrageous as that might sound, it's understandable. They reconcile their outrageous position by insisting that the oligarchs are pumping the scientists with bad data, and THAT is why we have a consensus among scientists. I have to say that is NOT as shoddy an assertion as it might seem at first glance. Almost all our scientists are completely dependent on government and charitable trust funding and they are ENTIRELY too willing to oblige the big boys if accolades and continued funding come in the bargain.

So we have to check on what we've bought here. We can't harden into certainty where we are only disposed to believe the scientists from our whole lives of grave concern for our environment. I have long held that this alert and alarm can't be bad, even if the climate crisis isn't there, because of the complete wreck we've made of our home, that if it will redound to the health of planet earth, it is STILL a good thing. Here, Bermas tries to link it with a plot to clinch the NWO—globalization, that Nazi term—through having a global tax on emissions... goes further to deny that too much CO₂ could possibly be bad for our environment and says that they are actually hiding global cooling from us... from the scientists. This is hard to swallow, but we need to check. It completely helps him that we've gotten this great late burst of sea ice this month, but it's like a year with a good run of Coho. You have to have at least three years in a row before you can declare a recovery.

So I don't know exactly HOW we check this that doesn't involve just listening to whoever we agree with already, but it bears taking a closer look, however we can. I feel Jones and Bermas and their ilk are SO freaked about the murderating fuck plutocrats that they can't cede them ANY further means of bleeding us to death without a fight to the death—and it's hard to blame them for that. I just STILL don't think we should be throwing any babies out with the bathwater. I do STILL think it's much better to yank these fuckers from their positions and proceed as though the climate crisis is real, BECAUSE it's now just about impossible to tell for sure, the consequences of ignoring it are damn dire and the benefits of heeding it, even if it's wrong, are manifold... EXCEPT if it ends up making us more helpless against the enemy we STILL, outright astonishly, won't get up to fight....

I guess we start checking here. There's, of course, a shitload of reports to wade through, but the accord is short... mentions setting up a governing body to figure out ways to fund aid to developing countries... that, right there, sets Libertarian hair on fire. That might be the entire source of the freakout, right there... or... the oligarchs really did decide to use this as he says they did... but that still doesn't make the science wrong.... But what is the science? Better not be as shoddy as that shit about measuring historic atmospheric carbon levels from tree growth rings.

Does it really come down to we each have to check all their science?

Is that right?

Wouldn't it be easier for six billion to put a halt to a couple thousand fatsos so we can get busy?


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  1. Brutal Truth8/19/10, 8:04 PM

    I think it's a matter of if we err it's better to err on the side of caution and phase out fossil fuels anyway. And just anecdotally I can say the summers do seem to be getting hotter than they were when I was a kid.


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