16 April 2010

wake up

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This is an explanatory snippet from a playlist I've been watching today. Earlier he was mentioning that the question isn't about being sold lies: The question we ask is if we've BOUGHT the lies. I have friends who go postal about all the lies cranking out in the MSM... ceaselessly... years and years and years after we all have ascertained that point... keep freaking about it because people buy that shit... without EVER asking themselves what they've bought themselves. You point it out and get an excuse for it. You go, no, no, no, that's an excuse. You can't free ANYONE until you free yourself. You may not be able to free anyone but yourself. Whatever way you want to look at it, the mandatory part is freeing yourself.

To be addicted to your own sense of virtue is only evil. You have to ask yourself what you've bought and fix that. Don't you see that wherever you intersect with the world will be all about delusion, utterly ineffectual, if you don't clean up the mental errors, the bits of conditioning you bought without even knowing it? You think I'm so damn contrary, so damn insulting, but I'm trying to yank yer default settings out where you can see them.

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