17 April 2010

why so many are so certain about space aliens

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They feel that humans are in no wise smart enough to have come up with most of our technology. They see that when certain problems seem too big, people just shrug and think about something else. They "know" we don't have the real intelligence or vitality to do a big chunk of what we appear to have done, and certainly not to do more, so vastly more intelligent space aliens really is the only plausible theory.

They have a point.

Another explanation is that we are starstuff and the biorhythms of the cosmos are in this dull and negative mode, that our only hope is to tune in to the love and hope it pulls our universe out of this slump.

There is the we've been making idiots out of our kids for the past five or more decades, on purpose, thing, and our owners simply pluck the ones they think have the most promise out of our planetary soup, do whatever is necessary to keep the rest of us on this side of the massive uprising mode, and call it good.

Whatever it is, I'm against it.

And I think the Native Americans and the Egyptians were what remained of the last big technological boom before we brought it to the point of cataclysm. I think some of us better be getting about forming new tribes to live through this one, or call it good.

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