17 April 2010

zinc, c, d, chicken soup, steroids, incense ash, ground snail shells

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Whatever comes to hand to discourage this.

But I have these days this inability to tell the difference between allergy and a cold, and so I just do everything I can for both problems. I get sneezier late at night, when my antihistamine is wearing off, but my left nostril has felt like there is a hot goldfish flipping around in it all day.

Yesterday, late afternoon, what to my glee, but my neighbors came home from the hospital. Nelly was looking a little pale, but standing and walking and talking just fine. They are giving her medication they think will unclog the artery giving her trouble. This sounds suspicious to me, but, well, she's 86....

My other neighbor, the one whose wife thinks my bare feet are slutty, had a heart attack the day after Nell and they flew him to Medford, too, and so there was a regular neighborhood block party holed up on that ward while I suffered here with the dog. I said I thought I ought to start taking a daily head count around here....

John brought back a BBQ chicken breast from lunch, tore it into strips and placed them on a paper plate and Mandy, who would not eat the entire time he was gone, scarfed them down, and the skin he'd removed but dropped. "I forgot to tell you she will only eat off a paper plate."

Nellie said, "She used to eat kibble from a dog dish," rolled her eyes, "He won't stop it."

Now she will only eat human food.

From a paper plate.

I have a theory about men who kill their pets this way, but it's sexist so I won't say it. They're always men. It can't be just men, can it? I can't think of a woman I ever knew who did it, but there must be some...?

Anyway, it relieved me of the proximity vexation, very glad Nell's number isn't up yet, and freed me to contemplate my latest slip of insight into the vastly more ancientness of humanity thing that has been knocking at my throat for something like fifteen years... might even get to where I can say something about it again... but before I got too far into enjoying my release from the bowling ball chihuahua, the sneezing started. That reminded me that I'd awakened with a stuffy nose. It had cleared up fairly quickly, so I figgered it was just me trying to smother myself in my sleep again, but the sneezing set me immediately at my nearly empty jug of Vitamin C.

I was fine this morning, but after a couple hours that damn goldfish started in, and I've been taking tons of C and D and snorting my steroid spray and sipping chicken broth with garlic in it and sucking on zinc lozenges all day and night. I'm switching back to the antihistamine that works better tonight. I had about twenty colds a year between the ages of 19 and 23 and only ONE since then. Lots of beginnings on them that I fought off, but the one I couldn't stave off was HUGE. I could barely move for three or four days, was utterly insensible from the snot ocean blocked up in my sinuses and pressing on my brain, couldn't blow even a drop of it out, until one day when it all came out. I mean, I spent the ENTIRE day blowing out gallons of snot. It was horrific. It was epic. It was bigger than I am. That was about ten years ago and I don't want that to happen to me again. So I may be turning all kinds of colors and I hope my chicken garlic zinc breath wafting out my front door doesn't send any more neighbors into the medevac mode....


  1. It's not just men, 99. We had two utterly adorable cats (brother and sister), butmy (dear departed) wife spoiled them to a degree where they had to have fresh chicken gizzards, fresh fiash, fresh ground beef, and so on, every meal. And they tried to get all over you when you had a plate of food, begging shamelessly. Well, all three of them are gone now, and my new little buddy eats nothing but vet-approved kitty food, and he's doing just fine. So...

  2. It's all spelled out here:

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    (Found in the comments at an article about recent earthquakes.)

  3. The remaining comments there were various Bible and Koran passages proclaiming the end times!

  4. While I'll accept your condemnation of Male Pet Food Failure syndrome the woman's angle is the "Humanizing" of them. Dressing them up in ridiculous outfits, carrying them in their purses, inviting them to sleep in their bed, etc.


  5. I think I must be a freak. I can't stand dressing up dogs... except if they're short-haired and it's seriously cold out and we're talking a sweater... and that would ONLY be if there were no alternative method of not freezing the dog to death. And NO human food, except maybe a bone... unless there were no other food. It's not even any good to feed them those fucking treats because they're full of crap that's bad for them. Some people say you should skip feeding them altogether at least one day a week, like they do with the big cats at zoos, because eating every day is not how their systems are set up, but I never went THAT far.

    I had a cat who would ONLY eat dog kibble and salmon wet food, and I didn't give him any shit about that, but that was back when they were finding that dry cat food was causing urinary tract problems and there wasn't really any way of keeping him from bullying my Old English sheepdog out of some of her kibble.

    It was pretty funny.

    I slept with my dogs and cats and goat and duck when I was a girl, and the same cat and dog when we lived in the uninsulated woodshed with the chic outhouse on the pot farm. But I had to have the dog put to sleep and started to get allergic to the cat when he slept too close to my face, and so, in my advancing poverty, decided no more pets.

    It wasn't just the money. I started feeling badly about having to force animals to behave. 86 and I had pets when we lived together, but so much of the time we were together we didn't live together, and he kept the pets. Animals love me. I am famous in some circles as a pet sitter. People always come home to radically saner pets. I only had a little over two days with Mandy, and needed at least one or two more on her, but I prefer living with animals as one of them... and that means just love and then everybody goes back to their own living arrangements.

    Mountain lions and black bears make FABULOUS pets.

  6. OMG... you should have SEEN me with the bowl of pollywogs on my desk! Fucking insane. A little girl had brought them to me because she felt badly I didn't have any pets. I couldn't keep them on the porch because they were turning into bird food there. So they lived in a clear Pyrex bowl I gussied up to act like a pond, right next to me on my desk.

    They, of course, could not long be trusted to STAY in that bowl and it would be a fast dehydrate-to-death if they sallied forth while I slept, so I fussed over each of them until the time was right to bring them out to the pond. One of them only ever got one leg and just didn't develop into a whole frog and I was so exhausted from my frog-raising project that I finally just set him adrift in the pond, to stay a pollywog or finally go froggy or be wood duck food, as the fates would take him.

    I loved those dumb little things... despite their extended family out there driving me batshit with the noise their incessant mating urges from my birthday straight through to the middle of August every year.

    I mean, it was ridiculous. I'd be in my house, on the phone, and whoever I was talking to would suddenly say, "99, are those frogs?" I would say, "Yes. Welcome to my world. Witness to planet earth's nexus of sex-crazed batrachians!" I would walk out into the yard at night, stand in front of the pond and yell for them to man-up, try playing hard-to-get for a while. They would stop to consider this unique approach to baby-making but lose out to their urges again in less than a minute.

    All hell broke loose when some deeper-throated competitors moved in. The needy little beta-frog whining for women all the time REALLY went psychedelic then....

  7. I love frogs and the sound of frogs.

    Years ago, in the spring, there would be tons of frogs around here - mostly at the school yard where it was soggy all winter.

    The last few years there have been none.

  8. We're down to three dogs, three cats, one hamster, one guinea pig and one rat.

    Meg has revived the aquarium and planning on getting fish soon.

  9. Well, I too love them, but they do become pretty annoying after a while... the hearing yourself think thing can get hairy in that din. It's okay when yer just puttering, but reading something difficult or concentrating on anything or dealing with yer insomnia gets darn iffy....

  10. The little girl who gave me the pollywogs had three horses, ten chickens, seven cats, one dog, numerous rodents, numerous birds and took to liberating dogs from the pound late at night... a life of crime....

    I sometimes think that if only the government would impose taxes on pets we would FINALLY have our Second American Revolution.....

  11. If Kae had her way we'd have 5 llamas!

  12. What,.. is there something wrong with dressing up cats and dogs ? Let's be a little flexible here,.. O-KAY ?



    And ferrets,..




  13. LOL

    Well, BB2, it looks as though we're BOTH sexists!


  14. You know the original daffodil photo was from Audobon's - Gilsland Farms here in Falmouth, May-in ?



  15. Oh, here I was thinking what a lovely garden you must have!

    I'm still really jealous you got a camera.... Of course... if I got one, nobody might ever see or hear from me again.... Waaaay too many gorgeous spots around here to waste time blogging instead of capturing into images for the world.

    Or I guess I could turn into one of those dull photo bloggers....

  16. those dull photo bloggers



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