11 June 2010

54° yesterday and 78° today

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Notwithstanding waking up to the taste of a grocery receipt in my mouth, I finally went off and did those chores I couldn't put off any longer three days ago. Don't even ask what I've been eating these last three days... mostly my miracle mush and coffee and water. But today I went out armed with a list that I remembered to write, remembered to bring with me AND remembered to read. So I only forgot two major things.

I've been hauling heavy things in and out. I've been paying everyone every damn penny I manage to scrape. I'm not remiss about anything, anything, anything, except the bullshit that can just go out there and swim in its Gulf of Sludge. I propose Obama wear swimming trunks on his next trip to tour the cataclysm, whot? Fancy enough pants for government work.

And so it's been raining pretty much all week, and turned too damn cold to keep my heater off again yesterday, but right now I have all my windows and doors open to keep the breeze up enough so I don't have to strip naked and call the fire department.


Oh, oh, wait! I forgot to ask! Did Bert Lahr win his primary on Tuesday?



  1. Don'tcha luvit?

    I had you beat though - 54 one day, 85 the next here a week ago.

    Hot today with 30mph winds - red flag warnings - no burning or mowing grass allowed.

    Fire department had planned training burn for today - it was canceled

  2. remembered to bring with me AND remembered to read. So I only forgot two major things.


  3. Yes, but, really, 54 is almost as cold as it ever gets here, except this year, and 78 is almost as warm as it ever gets here... AND we had this schizo wind that was part hot and part freezing. I'm just about ready to turn into a HAARP paranoid.

    And only forgetting two major things is a HUGE improvement here. I spent too long being so befuzzled that I very LITERALLY was lucky they'd bolted my neck back onto my body or I'd've left it behind for sure.

    Yesterday I was trying to use coffee grounds as creamer for my coffee. Made THREE starts at it, all reaching for the coffee instead of the fridge, before I got it right. Something apocalyptic happens when I'm asleep. It ain't natural, I tellz yiz, and if it were not for the various hormones they're giving me, I would need a full time attendant, yessirreebob, I shore would.

  4. Don't get mad at me 99, but I still haven't made up my mind about Obama. I have never seen a president win office, (and he DID win), who had more people ready to go after him.

    But, as I've always said: carry on with your great work!

  5. Larry, your honesty is highly commendable, but what you have to say here is OUTRAGEOUS.


    Have you been SLEEPING for the last year?

    DON'T answer me! I'll go postal.

  6. I know some things have actually gotten worse and it enrages me, but some things have improved and that's better then absolutely nothing.

  7. Mid 90's yesterday - 30mph winds - numerous small grass fires throughout the area, one reached 80 acres with several outbuildings burned down.


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