11 June 2010


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First I was with my mother at some office reunion at a hotel. An executive [there was a typo here... I'd written "execution"] of whom she thought much was amazed by me, thrilled by me, wanting to know all about me, asking my mother questions as he walked around me, marveling. I was not into it and ran off with an indian chief to some of the mystical grounds surrounding the hotel. While it was very much sexual, it was only caressing. I was rolling around in the feel of his arms, putting my face in his armpit, stroking his side, remembering that mystery, want to go be alone with him... forever... but then I was pulled to the side of a hotel maid while we listened to a terrifyingly fat evil woman telling someone on the phone she was sending the sign with a message, the thing that would start a great evil upon the whole world. We had to figure a way to prevent the sign and message from leaving there. We had the advantage of seeming completely insignificant to the fat woman, but also we had no escape and no way to really know how to prevent this sign and message going out. The maid was trying to hide the sign and I was wanting to get the message away so that it couldn't go with the sign if found. I was asking the maid if she thought I should eat it, holding a grocery store receipt that was supposed to be the message. The maid decided she had to get the sign completely out of the room and as she got through the doorway she both had her head twisted off by the fat woman and became the fat woman with her head twisted off... right there... a foot out the hotel room in which I was standing, eating a grocery store receipt.


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