27 June 2010

ask not

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Last real president is RIGHT. Just about everyone who knows their ass from a teakettle has concluded this, and, unfortunately, every putz in the White House since has felt real presidentin' to be too hazardous to their health. IT'S TO THE POINT WHERE THIS IS SO CLEAR THAT WE CAN FORMALLY REVILE ANYONE WHO RUNS FOR PRESIDENT. If they are not wittingly wanting to get in and hold that BOGUS position, they're too ignorant and blind to be worthy of our votes.



  1. Great Work, Nines !
    I Hope more find it.

  2. Yes, well, I don't think we have TIME to follow his recommendations on that video. Maybe AFTER we've killed the plutocrats, but, since the guy's not stupid, he's really only mentioning this to be able to express a nonviolent response to being dumped back into serfdom. It didn't work for the serfs of history and it won't work for us. However, his explanations of what's up with economic and political forces are inspired. Easy for sentient beings to grasp.


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