27 June 2010

finally, the truth behind all the wars

[click image]


This video is only a couple minutes long, and well worth the wait for people with miserably slow computers or connections. FINALLY somebody made sense of it.

Also, if you still feel you need to get a grasp of how our societies are turning back into feudalism, you should go here to watch the whole thing.



  1. I've been getting close to the complete realization of this for at least a year, but every time I started getting on the subject here this INDEFATIGABLE asshole in Colorado would start spewing mumbo-jumbo in an effort to besmirch anyone who would suggest it! He makes me CRAZY. He doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground, but dares take up the subjects of the murderating fucks in Israel, planetary crises and economic crises as though he were on the side of the common man. So I tried staying off his hot-button subjects unless it was something BIG... just to shake him. I finally just had to start insulting the living snot out of him every time he opened his yap... sticking strictly to the complete truth each time... to get him off my blog. He still pops in once in a while, but won't open his putrid yap anymore.

    Not very Zen of me to let that action block me from seeing all the way into something, but... well... there you have it.

  2. He really THINKS he's intelligent and that he is on the side of the common man. THAT was the rub. If he'd just been yer basic troll there wouldn't have been the Shakespeare.

    I just hate morons with high IQs. They should be lined up and shot.

    It's TERRIFYING that seriously intelligent people can be DIRT ignorant... PLUS proud of it. OMG!

  3. Okay. I don't KNOW that we need to worry MORE over the Iran thing this time than all the other times because we have maintained at least two serious carriers in the Persian Gulf for a few years now. This is NOT necessarily anything more than the usual saber rattling.

    THING IS, of course, WE can NEVER stop being terrified by it each time they do it.

    If they do it, I hope and pray that Russia and China will nuke us.


  4. Well, right! But I did not grok why they would be pouring trillions into empire when it is so CLEARLY ill-advised, fiscally, until I heard this.

  5. They've turned it into a way to continue the corruption without the suicide part coming into play... or at least not until looooong after everyone else thinks it should have been the death of vampire capitalism. Vampire capitalism was SUPPOSED to be dead by now. The sun came up, the wooden stakes and silver bullets are flying, garlic and crucifixes are swinging from every bough AND the victim is out of blood. The vampires should be out, but instead they're all in. THIS explains to me what's keeping them alive.


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