01 June 2010

i wasn't the only one up all night

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Amy Goodman was groggily doing telephone interviews as I was flying back and forth between al Jazeera and PRESSTV and all points in between, flipping and bellowing epithets till I dropped.

Here's the DN! coverage from earlier today....

I'm NOT finding the number and NAMES of the dead.

If I were president, every one of those people would be home safe, the aid in Gaza, the injured and dead named and out of Israeli hands by now. There would not be a single manned checkpoint in Palestine, except the ones manned by Americans there to boot the "settlers" back behind their pre-1967 borders. Don't even START to tell me this shouldn't already have been done.

If they gave me ANY shit, it would be the South Pole for ALL of them by the weekend.

Ali Abunimah's appearance on today's Democracy Now! SEEERIOUSLY rocked. My hands are stinging from slapping on my desk.

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