01 June 2010

stay ON it

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No shit. Don't relax. Don't forget about those nuclear-armed subs in the Persian Gulf. Don't forget Israel is run by a bunch of murderating lunatics. Their pattern is to ALWAYS to get crazier, and WE absolutely MUST stop backing them up in this. If ANYTHING is worth risking yourself to prevent, it is starting WWIII.

No. Really.

The NYT is warmongering again.

It has been WELL established that Iran doesn't have the capability to enrich fuels to the extent needed to make a bomb. I know it would seem to us that if they were SANE, they'd be trying to get a bomb, or at least a breakout capability, but they have neither, have agreed to swap out their very low enriched fuel for fuel enriched enough for NUCLEAR MEDICINE purposes, insist they want only nuclear power, it's 100% legal, within rights granted ALL who are signatory to the NPT... THEY'RE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG. Israel is making things up and WE are backing them.


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