05 June 2010

i'm not giving up my degree in space lizardry for this earthly agony

[click image, video playlist, almost an hour]


They're working very, very hard to suck me back into their sphere of poison, get their hypnosis working on me again, but I'm NOT falling for it!

And that's final.


And this gets pretty seriously riveting when you get to part five....

Stuff to contemplate carefully... flies in the face of all physics and is making the interviewer giggle nervously... so it bears giving it some very careful consideration before you dismiss it out of hand. I'm thinking about his mention of tennis being impossible if the speed of light were the cosmic speed limit. Maybe this visual did it for me the most because I have seen tennis matches where you have NO prayer of seeing the ball go from one side of the court to the other unless you are high up and angled toward one end of the court or other because the ball is traveling SO fast.



  1. My favorite Saturn Picture -

    At the 10:00 O'clock position, just outside the bright rings, but inside the hazy ring, between two faint red rays - the earth.


  2. Well, yes, that's everyone's favorite. It's stone cold gorgeous, but I didn't want to wreck it with my manipulations, so I just used another image.


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