15 June 2010

nothing to stand on

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I bookmarked this article a while back because it was such a good example of the bowl of mercury we call the basis for our understanding of life, the universe and everything. We might as well just yell FORTY-TWO and have done with it.

Maybe it's only watching certain links dry up while trying to listen to legislators preening in front of a panel of witnesses on the Gulf blowout mess, but, actually, I don't think that's it at all. Since throwing over my moderator aggravations yonder earlier this year, more and more has been becoming blatantly clear to me and it is NOT good news. I know Yale MBAs who think the Federal Reserve is federal. I have seen that all of mainstream physics has been artificially off down one dead end garden path for at least eighty years, and DETERMINEDLY so. I've seen that what righties think is communist/socialist is completely different from what lefties think is communist/socialist and that the righties might be closer to having it right, but the lefties are so all-fired SURE they're right, like my Yalie MBA friends are about who owns the Fed, and the university physicists gloating at the extreme of their dead end are about the laws of physics, that there is ZERO chance of talking sense into them. I have seen foresters who have completed a stultifying number of stultifyingly abstruse courses in the intricacies of measurement and statistics create mountains of paper over moonscape to make it seem forested. I am watching geologists and statisticians do similarly with the blowout. And I know for dirt certain we can ONLY count on the government LYING to us about absolutely EVERYTHING that is vital to us right now... maybe for a very, very long right now, but right this now a thousand times more certainly.

Authority figures don't have any authority. They have the position. That is all.

This renders us as in-the-know as cavemen.

Do you read me?

Maybe I will write more on this in this post, later, when I'm not so steamed. Or maybe I will do another post to try to be clearer soon. Or maybe I'm just pitching a fit at this moment and will let it go for now or forever. I don't know.

I don't mean this in a nihilistic way. I mean you CANNOT gauge by consensus anymore... if you EVER could.




They're not just dumbing-down yer average lummox on the street; they are deluding the intellectual elite as well. Because you are bright and have a decent education stands you NO closer to reality than some hick running around with a misspelled sign and his hair on fire.


By way of decompressing from this hissy I went off to one of my many space lizard bookmarks and chose this interview at random. Since the guy seemed to emerge from the set piece aspect of this sort of exchange, began ripping his interviewer and listeners out of our fog with a completely different and positive contribution in which it was quite clear he held deep, emphatic, conviction, I decided to google some of what he was suggesting we look into, and then came up with this, which it seems was at a moment when he was finding this ferocity for the positive to start using on radio interviews in the future.

I think it was karma that I clicked what I clicked.

That light is in the sutras.

People who have something my kind of serious to say to me all have the same "accent"... same cadence and slightly odd forming of their distinctly English words. So I have to think about this, pay it a little extra attention. Maybe you want to, too.



  1. 99...that was powerful...I linked this article to facebook...


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