14 June 2010

meditation on extinction

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I say if this blowout is pressurized by heat from the core, and do tell me if there's a better explanation for the fantastic pressure, the gasses we will be helpless to stop from being released, even with the ships out there burning methane as fast as they can, will end up doing the same kind of damage as a supervolcano, just slightly more slowly.

For boycotters....



  1. Am I going to need to put myself into my padded viewing cell for this? Should precautions be taken?

  2. I'm listening to Art Bell interviewing a guy who sounds like a perfectly lucid physicist, talking about time travel... the time travel we are doing right now... and I don't want to kill anyone before I know how I can get through a time/space warp to avoid the consequences....

  3. Deepwater Horizon had a total vertical depth of 18,360 feet (3.477273 miles). 5,067 feet was sea water, the rest 13,293 feet (2.517614 miles) was through the sea floor, or.... Oceanic Crust part of the lithosphere.

    The lithosphere is made up of the crust(oceanic or continental) + upper mantle, and is solid rock aprox. 30 to 75 miles thick.

    It's only when you get through to the lower part of the mantle or...


    That you start to get hot and gooey 8).

    I'm not sure I buy the whole adiabatic process thing, there was plenty of biological species when the tectonic plates separated, plus a great deal of flooding after that. At one point in history , much of the gulf shore including Florida was under water.

    The area also has a historical record of some...

    Nasty earthquakes as well

    So I'm thinkin' that plenty of of dinos got toasted in the making of the North American as we know it today providing plenty of biomass in sediments that The Ole Miss flushed into the GoM over time.

    I don't think BP needs the Russians to come nuke the well , just ask Cheney & Co. to use some of that Scalar technology that they used to drop buildings 1, 2 and 7.

    DGPNorth aka Doug

  4. The Deepwater Horizon worked on wells in the Atlantis and Thunder Horse Oil Fields, a 2006 discovery in the Kaskida field, and the 2009 Tiber oilfield. On September 2, 2009, Deepwater Horizon drilled on the Tiber oilfield with a vertical depth of 35,050 ft (10,683 m) and measured depth of 35,055 ft (10,685 m) [over six and a half miles], of which 4,132 ft (1,259 m) [less than a mile] was water, which was at the time the deepest oil well in the world. The well was more than 5,000 feet deeper than the design specification on the company's fleet list.

    It appears we all have this thing confused with one stationary well and rig, and we are getting many conflicting numbers, that might actually all be right. Still, it is waaaaay deeper than I originally thought, and since the pressure readings all seem so fantastic, I think that even if it is dinosaur ooze, it would have to be in between rock trying to squish it out really hard... moving... which nobody's been mentioning... might be brand new pressure from the Haiti quakes... which they say were caused by the scalar technology to begin with....

    Don't forget Chicxulub. That right there could make the mantle much thinner there. All KINDS of variables. All kinds of open areas for concluding that the hot and gooey is impacting on this pressure problem.

    Still, when you get to these depths and pressures I stop having any faith in dinosaur ooze. Especially since the whole theory admits that more than half of it would go up instead of down.

    I think we're reduced to hope.

    Why would they need all of that nanothermite in 1, 2 and 7 if they were using a space beam on them? I want somebody to tell me that.

  5. BB2, that hearing is giving me the flaming hives!

  6. This was the site of the blow out...

    Macondo Field

    I certainly agree that the area is a questionable place to be drilling for anything! If you look into the ancient past of the area, you can't help but see the instability.

    There's data supporting the theory that the Mississipi Embayment was/is a failed fault arm of the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

    Oh , and I totally agree that the pressures at that depth are staggering and waayyy beyond these brass balled bastards thought process'. Which, up until now, seems to be to keep everyone in the freaking dark.

    From BB2s link to Landau...

    Show us the mud data...

    BP should show ALL the data to EVERYONE, let the whole scientific community see it , not just the ones that kiss their brass balls!!!

    It's all about the money/damages now,

    The corporation spent nearly two decades appealing an initial $5 billion court order.

    "My heart's not into receiving this money because, in reality, we're getting nothing," Webber said. "Even if we got the full $5 billion, we still wouldn't come close to what we would have made in 20 years of fishing."

    Webber said he will get about $180,000, compared to the $2.5 million he might have received under the initial judgment.

    "One good thing is that this case is coming to an end ... It's been an open sore," he said. "But are we going to be able to heal from it? I don't know."


    DGPNorth aka: Doug

  7. RIGHT! And I'm not finding the total vertical depth of the Macondo drilling, only that they started drilling at three quarters of a mile below the sea floor in February, and that they'd drilled almost six miles down very nearby late last year. ALL these fields, Atlantis, Thunder Horse, Macondo are virtually the SAME place, and TOTALLY the same place if the rock is porous or heavily fissured in the area. So the depth of the Macondo drill might not really even be salient... but I'd like to FIND it... since they'd already just drilled nearly a mile deeper than the specs for the rig allowed....

    It wouldn't all be about money/damages now if those pressures are true. A number of experts have now come out and said capping this is IMPOSSIBLE, and that is CLEAR if you accept the pressure numbers and how crude scours out metal pipes. That BOP is going to fail soon and the pipe below it that's fucked up will blow out and there will be NO mitigating it. Others are saying that an equilibrium will not be reached there before we're all dead. The difference between life in hell and death seems to hinge on if it's a finite amount of dinosaur ooze or a not so finite amount of abiotic oil, but I don't think the pressure being waaaay more than our technology can handle is in dispute.

    Even saying this is biotic and not abiotic, the hugeness of the toxicity and the pressures have got to be keeping it from ALL being about money. Even dirt evil fucks don't want to kill the planet in one fell swoop during their lifetimes.

  8. Crrrrrraaaaaaaaappppppp! I'd been working on a long comment on the Macondo Prospect and forgot to post it before you piped up and then when I tried to post it, it wouldn't post and got dumped.


  9. Here's where I got the depth info ...



  10. Nope. They've been ripping out and/or changing too much stuff online. I am unable to put faith in any of it anymore. Fuckheads.

    I learned the other day that the "relief wells" they're drilling are not about pumping oil to relieve pressure, but to intersect with the blowout below the BOP and kill it with muds and cement, but it's already been shown that such a thing is not possible because the BOP is half open and they can't slow the flow enough for the cement to set. THAT is cognizable. Not the mumbo jumbo the hotdoggers on these oil sites are blathering. They are blathering it to keep sounding like they know WTF they're talking about, when it's already clear they do NOT. I have experience with the math of pseudo-scientists in such horrific fuckups. I recognize the syndrome in play right now.

    This is compounded because I have absolutely NO faith left in anything the government says or does, or anything the companies say or do, which means almost everything extant by the people who analyze their shit for a living. Been there, done that, wore out the t-shirt.

    The only people who can be trusted to tell the truth are whistle blowers and experts NOT affiliated with the perps, and THOSE guys are the ones saying this can't be plugged. Some of those guys are saying it ain't fossil fuel.

    We also have to remember that this is not a spill from the surface, but a blowout from below and the hugeness of what can be seen at the surface is probably MUCH smaller than the hugeness below.

    I guess I'm just driving at my intense feeling of bullshititude from all portals of so-called authority... while admitting I'm no expert in the mechanics of any aspect of this disaster, but my bullshit detector is radically above average.

    Like, uhm... the "Macondo Prospect" part of this was not visible in any sources I was seeing until sometime yesterday. Before that it was just Atlantis/Thunder Horse... and I'm sure the people on the Wikipedia pages are working their butts off to get the straight dope as fast as possible and the pages are apt to be changing fastly and furiously because of updating and covering up wars... other links have gone kaput or kerphlooey like nobody's bidness too.

  11. This cross section linked at your link does not match up with numbers from other sources... just ONE part of the kaleidoscopic shifting of the sands of understanding, both purposely and because of idiocy and denial being put out to the public.

    I have more faith in that jackass righty on Alex Jones last week. It is against right wingitude to postulate openly anything as sacrilegious as abiotic oil, but he was doing that for all he was worth. A reason to trust that the guy BELIEVED what he was saying... if not exactly that what he was saying was the truth. But other people with trusted inside sources are coming out with similar information.

    So, I'm completely convinced that it can't be capped, and sort of 30 to 50% convinced of the abiotic thing.

    If that cross-section graphic is anything close to to representing actuality, it also shows that drilling six miles down from the sea floor is getting damn close to the outrageous zone there.... What I'm driving at is that BP seems to have fucked up in the area either late last year or early in this one and everything they've been doing seems to have been aimed at compensating for a fuckup. Then they got blown up. But I'm finding I can't go back and give you the links because they've already dried up and/or been "amended".

  12. BB2, that hearing is giving me the flaming hives!

    So sorry, but I couldn't help believing you would want to see it...

  13. And you were right, I would, except it has struck me that this disaster is something that should NOT be entrusted to those boobs.

  14. The entirety of all oceans will be full of this sludge before they even just SAY anything lucid.

  15. From the next life....

  16. I don't know that anybody can do anything about it.

    Trying to shut it off from the top very well may blow the whole thing right out of the ocean floor and it seems trying to stop it from the bottom will be fruitless as well.

  17. Right. That is the skinny. The lucid truth. The pipe is crimped below the seabed and above the reservoir. Can't stop the oil. Even if we could, it's coming up from a bunch more holes in the sea bead and would just make THOSE worse. We are fucked. They fucked us. All efforts should be to siphon off as much as possible and soak up and filter as much else as possible. Workers should ALL be on respirators and protective clothing.


  18. They need to stop the damned dispersants so it can reach the surface where it can be dealt with!

  19. Could we, like, deputize some guys and have them lined up and shot?

  20. Where are the heroes with their posses? Where are the cowboys? WHERE ARE THE MEN?

  21. What I said was:

    Not to change the subject, but...


    We're so fucked!

  22. I'd say we're in the midst of turning that around with this "leak".

  23. They've got ships above it burning off as much of the methane as possible, which is better, far better, than NOT burning it, but still it is belching astronomical amounts of CO₂ into the atmosphere, along with the somewhat mitigated methane and other egregious greenhouse gasses and toxins. So we're speeding up the warming to the point where it will hit permanent winter much more quickly... IF all these models they've been feeding us in recent years have ANY basis in fact... WHICH is no longer clear by ANY stretch. We know fuck-all about everything. It's ALL imposture. ALL OF IT!

  24. Al Jezeera's Fault Lines show about the oil leak and its impact on the people - showing this Thursday per a trailer I saw briefly at Google News. When I tried to get the link it had disappeared.

  25. I visit their front page many times a day and usually switch the feed on whenever big news is breaking... so I'll try to keep a lookout for it on Thursday. Lort knows it has to be at least MARGINALLY better than the horseshit we've gotten elsewhere.

  26. Sheesh - I went and registered at Schlumberger to get the whole article - they still won't give it to me - I need "Premium Content".


  27. Yes, all very interesting, but EVERYONE concerned with oil production has a vested interest in believing to their dying breaths that oil is a finite resource and that peak production has been or is soon to be reached. I mean they will keep on believing this ever harder like some "Democrats" we know are life and death determined to turn Republicans into Satan himself. HUMANS HAVE PEA-BRAINED EGOS THAT WILL NOT LET THEM OUT OF THESE MENTAL BOXES... BECAUSE IF THEY LEAVE THEIR BOXES THEIR POSITIONS IN LIFE ARE JEOPARDIZED HEAVILY. They care far more for their own positions than they do for ACTUALITY, no matter if it would save the very earth upon which we depend for our very lives.

    THAT'S WHY I'M SO MAD! Nobody is getting jogged off this looking-to-authority-figures thing, and ALL authority figures are pumping us full of SHIT... BLATHER... completely irrelevant crap.

    It is possible that the impact at Chicxulub brought in with it more materials beside the biomass it buried AND that it would have left the mantle there thinner, BOTH of which would help account for the pressures and the fantastic sizes of the reservoirs they've been talking... OR it's abiotic and being produced constantly under there.

    MY point is that we CAN'T put in with ANY of the fuckers pontificating on this, or the sources publishing items like that, BECAUSE they have all shown themselves to be COMPLETELY under the control of sociopaths WHO MEAN US HARM... who CERTAINLY don't give a fuck if we die in agony in our thousands and millions.


    We are SO fucked.

  28. Bastards!

    Precisely! I forgot to mention all the leeches capitalizing on our crazed need for real information. It's already everywhere.

    Capitalism as usual.

    Just like this catastrophe is manna from heaven.

  29. Just like this catastrophe is manna from heaven.

    And Touchdown Jesus turned the water to oil...


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