14 June 2010

while yer reading about afghanistan's big mineral bonanza

[click image]


Bear this in mind....

See, I really don't think David needed to go to this much trouble....

At least Red Cloud fought the "cult of the inerrant leader"... back when humans were human.



  1. It's a farce to justify our presence.

    The Russians knew of it in 1985 and US geologists announced it in 2007.


  2. I know, it was a lame and UNJUSTIFIABLE justification. They're pigs. Obama is a pig. We are SO fucked.

  3. It's like Columbus "discovering" America. Everyone in Scandinavia and, indeed the entirety of Eastern Asia, South America, Africa, Aboriginal Australia, Indonesia, not to mention AMERICANS knew all about it, and some, China and India, from millennia before Columbus.

  4. "Conveniently-timed zombie story"....


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