11 July 2010


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Pardon me, but... well... that might NOT have been food poisoning. It could be the rapid succession of monumentally—apocalyptically—awful big old fat hairy duhs rolling down the pike lately.

WHO was not dirt certain of this before the ground stopped shaking?

WHO outta that pack of Cub Scouts had any doubt when Bubba and Dubya were sent?

FUCK! If I had not taken the bodhisattva vow, I'd be puking with frustration right now.

Are you hearin' me about that waking up thing?



  1. Horrible

    I saw it this morning in the Sac Bee...


  2. Bring. On. The. Asteroid. [quoth Old Uncle Dave]

  3. And shoot it into the Yellowstone supervolcano so it can get spit back out to smash us again.

  4. I wish he was still around,

    and Vonnegut,

    and Brautigan!

  5. BB2 can't wait for THIS:

    Wry and cranky, droll and cantankerous — that’s the Mark Twain we think we know, thanks to reading “Huck Finn” and “Tom Sawyer” in high school. But in his unexpurgated autobiography, whose first volume is about to be published a century after his death, a very different Twain emerges, more pointedly political and willing to play the role of the angry prophet.

    I thought I'd let you know that so I can delete his fucked-up link.... :o)

  6. Oh, man, I'm with you on all those guys.

  7. Yer vewy vewy welcome.

  8. The comets are coming

    Where'd all those extra moons come from???

  9. I just watched something on this same subject - not quite sure which show it was - On National Geographic I believe. They talked of all of the flood stories etc. and the following:

    Go to Google Earth Search 25deg 03min 40.34sec South, 44deg 13min 45.57sec east. Zoom int to about 3 miles altitude. You will see the remnants of a huge tsunami. Now scan along the coast heading east and you will find much more evidence of the same. A particularly large area at a river 25*27'43.36" South, 45*41'17.32" East. ( * = degrees)

    Next go to 29*28'02.81" South, 53*25'49.50" East - zoom in to about 50 miles - the crater!

  10. OUD is a sucker for a good asteroid story. Comets work. Supervolcanoes work. Hell, he'll even take a poles switcheroo. But all of them in one multi-mega-ultra-event would be optimal.

  11. Considering all the craters on the moon, it's logical to conclude the earth has been hit a lot too.

  12. Maybe that's how the spore of the space lizards arrived in Eden.

  13. Compare the size of the meteor crater in Arizona

    35° 1'41.06"N, 111° 1'23.51"W

    With this one in Quebec

    51°22'0.72"N, 68°43'14.21"W

    And then with the one nearby at Hudson Bay

    56°33'28.30"N, 77°39'16.53"W

  14. I don't like Google Earth. I haven't loaded on this Mac. I probably should, but I never seem to get out of it what you coordinates geeks do....


  15. Hmmm...

    A MAC thing?

    I'm just starting to find all the ways to manipulate it, mostly just been looking at places up until now.

    I just found these - they run in Google Earth.

    The 1979-2009 Ice Extent file is a mind blower!


  16. When is the last time you tried it?

    They've added a lot of functions recently.

  17. I think it was before with my old G5 Power PC, Motorolla chip. Worked fine. Just didn't feel intuitive, didn't get really more than from their maps. Took up a bunch of space and RAM.

    I might download it again now, but I never really need it. The couple times it could do me some good this nice guy who comes to my blog every day took screen shots and emailed 'em to me.


  18. It works great on Macs.

    It's just me.


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