12 July 2010


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I am personally appalled that our so-called justice system would have stooped so low as to make a go of this cheap trick. It was bad enough, the malarkey they pulled at the time, but the latest was pandering to America's obsession with child molestation... and a pretense that such an egregious crime—which was NOT deemed that egregious at the time—will haunt the perps until we finally catch them.

We have a bunch of guys whose crimes are SO radically more egregious and RECENT and not only unprosecuted, but not even contemplated being prosecuted and we pull this crap?

He DID his time. He made amends with his victim. The judge was a monster. It happened a thousand years ago. I'm sorry, Roman. I wish you every success and a happy old age.



  1. Los Angeles DA Steve Cooley is the Republican candidate for Attorney General in the November election.

    'Nuff said.

  2. No. You forgot the part about him being a pig-faced rat-fucker.


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