05 July 2010

any messages?

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I will be running all over like the madwoman I am for the next few days and so here would be a good place to put any links I almost certainly will miss in the shuffle. I will have internet access just fine for the rest of this month, but pockets of needing to be functioning in the analog and so don't be alarmed, and do put anything you want to say or link right here.



Midnight-thirty: Made it.



  1. Been lost in Google Earth, looking at Alberta tar sands, Wyoming gas wells, Sierra foothill hydraulic mine scars and West Virginia's topless mountains...

  2. OK,

    Where did my comment go?

    I left it here this morning...


  3. Ha!

    Now it appears...

    I tried reloading the page three times but that didn't make it appear.

    Add another comment and poof! There it is!

  4. Oh! I'm so senile! I thought that was an email to me and not a comment email. :o)

    Canada is HUGE and when we conquer it, boot out all the bad guys, we can heal it.

  5. Yes, well, now the count is off, too.

    We get what we pay for....

  6. Deep Spill 2

    Go to the document at the bottom of the page.

  7. Happy Birthday to your Papa 9s'

    I turned the big five ohhhh today :p

    Half way there, then I can rest easy :p

  8. It's also the Dalai Lamas birthday today. Then again, it's also George W. Bushs'

    LMAO, what a paradox

  9. Comments at the Lair all screwed up - says 2, shows 1 and I know there are 3. Tow show up in the recent comment sidebar, but not in the comment section where they are supposed to be. The only one that shows is not in the recent comment list.

    Ai yi yi

  10. Now at the Lair it has reversed - says 3 comments only shows one. That one is now in the recent comments list and the other two have left the list.

  11. I am DRUNK at this very moment. Really drunk. Just found out what my psychotic sister has been holding against me for all these years. She's psychotic. PSYCHOTIC. Fucking sick bitch has caused more trouble for me than I can imagine... and ALL behind some evil HALLUCINATION.

    Happy Birthday Poppa, Winter Wendigo DGPNorth-love, Dalai Lama and Dubya.

    I miss Dubya. Do NOT mistake that. I hate him, but I miss him.

    I'm drunk.


  12. I'm 57.

    And wanting the galaxy to beam me up.

    Drunk. Three HUGE margueritas, made by a novice who poured waaaaaaaaay too long.

    Good thing I ate my whole dinner or it would be seriously, SERIUOSLY scary right now.

  13. I miss him because he bothered to try to explain himself, sick as it was.

    That was nicer than this.


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