09 July 2010

food poisoning might be worse

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Than listening to today's Democracy Now! or it may only be that people trying to recover from food poisoning should NOT have gone here.

Too late.

I ate another stale scone... warmed... with an itsy bit of butter. It gave me a stomach ache.

And so maybe it's just the wretchedness of this condition, or maybe it's the wretchedness of OUR condition, but this is fucking apocalyptically wretched any way I try to slice it.



  1. Good Grief...

    Need at least five barf bags for that one!

  2. Speaking of BP - This morning they are saying the will be removing the temporary cap, unbolting the flange holding the cut off stub and installing a permanent, tightly sealed, non leaking cap onto the BOP. Some reports say this will take 9 days starting today, other reports say it will be done by Monday.
    (Unless they are confused and mean the following Monday which would be the nine days.)

    What will they do if they remove that cap and the well pipe comes shooting out? (Some reports claim the pipe has shot up through the BOP)

    Do they know the volume of oil coming out and at what pressure?

    If not, how can they be sure they can remove the oil and natural gas fast enough so as not to apply back pressure to the system which we know is already leaking into the rock strata and up through the sea floor?

    With pressures estimated by some to be far beyond our technical capabilities, how will they do this?

    What will they do in the event of a hurricane or even a storm with high seas?

    Could this be why the ships are leaving?

  3. I caught a whiff of these "plans" yesterday but did not pursue it because if they could have done this to begin with, why didn't they? In other words, bullshit. And the BOP is leaning over too far and should be getting close to so crude-worn it will go all the way down, no? Or is this cap going to enclose the whole BOP? As for back pressure, maybe we could get lucky and it would collapse things such that it sucked up all the tainted water and humans above it and closed the whole thing off.... I mean, I might as well put my faith in that as what they're saying.

  4. It's clamping on top as I understand it.

    BP Explains.

    Finally something showing the scale of what we have been looking at:


  5. They're replacing journalism with corporate PR. Pristine clean everything. Not a smudge to be seen. Lots and lots of can-do techno lingo signifying confidence and a nothing-to-see-here attitude. These aren't, after all, the droids you're looking for.

  6. The article I read about this new cap mentioned something about tying the two remaining pipes together.

    Now I know what they were talking about!

  7. Too big to fail...

    Speaking in Toronto at the G20 on June 25, Mr Cameron warned that BP faced potential destruction unless US authorities stepped in to prevent its compensation costs escalating out of control.

  8. Well, that last is a hoot because the "US authorities" are taking their orders from BP. Just how chumpish does Cameron think we are, anyway?

  9. Off to lay my hands upon my friends dryer.

    That should be enough to fix it - usually is!

  10. You're going to fix their rectal bleeding with your friend's dryer?

    [couldn't help it....]

  11. STILL not as important as my blog!

  12. [couldn't help it....]



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