17 July 2010

holy jumpin' jehosephat!

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I just had a teensy itty sip of something anise-flavored from the Czech Republic and I'm in love. I cannot read the bottle. But I don't think I have to. Wow. Good shit. If I only had the mettle to be an alcoholic, THAT would be my route. Yessir. Yessir. That's it.

Harley looks worried.

This has to be seen as a good thing.

I think I want to run downstairs and lick the shot glass....



  1. I have a friend who makes his own, he orders the herbs online from someplace in Europe. He tells me its illegal here but fine to order it and have it mailed?!?

  2. Searching for Absinthe


  3. It's legal now and there is someone in the Bay Area making it.


  4. Yes, it is legal again... and I think the stuff I sipped was transcendental without adding water or sugar... so may be some kind of take on absinthe or the real thing and everyone was just fucking around with the water and sugar. Hard for ME to tell, because I am definitely a hardcore licorice/anise fan. Like chocolate, only enough sweet to take off the farthest edge of bitterness. Like coffee, use ONLY the darkest roasts, skip the sugar and use half and half to smooth it out. I think my gig is with alkaloids of certain mystical properties. I remember loving cocaine when it was pure. You only had to take a tiny little snort and you were waaaaaay fine for an entire evening.

  5. Me 'n' 86 used to do ouzo together sometimes. That was also darn pleasant.

  6. Yes, absinthe is definitely huge here. It should be sold with a caveat: used to excess, it rips up a person's mind - I've seen it for myself, with one of my employees. She went on a spree for about two weeks, missing work with no explanation (completely unlike her to date). One morning I was in town and met her on a sidewalk. She didn't recognize me! So enjoy it, but watch out!

  7. Oh, heck no! I am too wussy to be a drunk. I only recognize that it would be my drink of choice, even with the danger of brain frying... maybe even that being an added perk [nowadays]. I'm really a very good girl. I don't even bring produce over the border from shopping trips in Brookings. The guards would let me because they know I live right there, but I don't like feeling criminal even to that extent. If I'm gonna go rogue, I'm going to save it for something huge, something that will save a maximum number of suffering beings.

    Dang! That stuff tastes GREAT. And it tickles something in the mind for sure... something nobody pays any attention to in there... and, as yer taking yer sip, it's as though that lonely space has been levitated by the smell of heaven for a moment. So I don't doubt that it has fried many people. I don't know if it would do that to EVERYONE, but even without any chemistry involved, people who experience those states that would be normal if we were not so cut off from ourselves, aka "altered states", very often fry themselves to crisps in the fear of it alone.

    If we lived together, we could make a ritual sip once a week, or once a month... light candles for it or something....


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