17 July 2010

soon to be cindy blackman santana

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Damn. Love is sublime. Aye, aye, aye, mi corazón....



  1. When I was a kid, the first album I bought with my own money was Abraxas. I still have it to this day.

    The cool thing about St.Carlos is, like all the greats, he can play with anyone.

  2. And...

    There all better as a result

  3. lol, That should have been they're..

    So there! :p

  4. Oh, eddicated and all....

    Yuh. He even made that Kroger kid sound radically better... and Steven Tyler... a whole lot of people.... I wish I could fly back in time and just run up and hug him there by the gas pump in his snakeskin boots where we used to see each other sometimes. He's always been about love and generosity... even at the start. I wore out more Abraxas tapes than I can even count.

    I gotta find that gorgeous piece by Jules Broussard, playing Song of the Wind on his sax. Fucking awesome... and I feel qualified because I also wore out about as many Caravanserai tapes....

  5. The great thing about the tubes...

    The tapes never wear out :p


    Actually very good sound on this one as well :)

  6. Yes, but the equivalent on the tubes is when the videos get ripped down for copyright or because someone closes their account or takes it private, and the loss is felt as acutely. :o(

    All is ephemera... except that ONE thing....

  7. I sometimes think that librarians and pathologically-determined archivists are the only walking around humans who understand the value of beauty... and of all attempts to get to truth.

  8. Yes, but the equivalent on the tubes is when the videos get ripped down for copyright or because someone closes their account or takes it private, and the loss is felt as acutely. :o(

    That's where youtube downloaders come in :)

    For Windows

    For Macs'

    They're a snap to use, next time you see a vid that you know aint' gonna last long. Zip, it's yours. :p

  9. Well, now, THAT will require having my wits about me... but... thank you very much indeed.

  10. And... maybe you could explain to me what the heck is UP with that? It doesn't seem to want to become an ap on my machine... just a folder full of folders?

  11. I'm gonna assume you got the one for Macs. Check in the folders for a read me file, might explain the way it works. I have a PC so I use the orbit app.

    Do you have java installed, it's required for it to work.

  12. I do, but when I clicked on something that looked like it would execute something, it opened up a box that looked like the deal, but then opened also another web page entirely with ANOTHER download... probably an update and I got flustered. I'll try again after I've had another sip of that absinthe... or a glass of wine... or... if I wuss out on the spirits, I'll puff a cigarette and chug a quadruple depresso.

    In short: I'll man up for it somehow.

  13. The download page said that it came with a bonus software program. Not sure what it was but CNet usually does a pretty good job of checking their stuff so maybe poke around and see if it installed another program and get rid of it if you don't want it.

  14. See, that's the deal. It downloaded a folder full of stuff and didn't install bubkes... or give me a way to install anything... unless it's in there to read. I usually avoid instructions at all costs because they mess me up, make it worse, but there ARE times when they cannot be avoided.


    Everything remotely to do with Bill Gates ONLY responds to brute force. If yer machine goes hizzy on you, KICK it first of all.

    I know what I'm talking about there.

  15. When I first started using computers (9 yrs ago) I didn't know shit about them. I thought copy/paste was voodoo fucking magic.

    Sooo... true to myself, I had to take the bugger apart to see what makes it tick lol.

    I now build my own systems and have built a few for my friends. That is until they kept bringing them back to me when they broke 'em :p

    "Ohh it was my teenage kid that was checking out the porn sites and got 52 viruses" yea right, of course it was :p

    I took my copy of XP Pro and ripped all the shit out of it, slip-streamed it with all relevant updates for my purposes and all the programs that I use, so if I ever have to re-install, everything gets installed together. Tweaked Billy Gates' operating system through the registry so it runs like a clock.... Tick Tick Tick

    Hmmm, come to think of it, a time bomb sounds just like that too :p

  16. Not sure about Macs, but there are some small applications for Windows that don't install to the operating system. They just open up when you click the icon and work outside the OS.

  17. Well, yer not mentioning all the violence involved in getting there, so that MUST be a time bomb... one itty little motherfucker you missed in the registry that will blow you to kingdom come. Use a gun or kick hell out of it FIRST. Only way the bitches ever function. I hate, loathe and despise PCs, but every computer illiterate person I know ends up asking me to come brutalize their machines. You wouldn't believe how much violence is involved in nonviolence. You would not. It is so. I nonviolently do big violence to PCs wherever and whenever I encounter them. It ALWAYS fixes them... albeit ALWAYS temporarily.

    I would NOT trust any OS with the traces of Bill Gates anywhere extant. I think I'd've gone waaaaaaay into the Linux Zone if I hadn't gone crazy for Macs.


    It's a quality of life issue.

    We don't have much left.

  18. Okay. I downloaded it again, and it doesn't need installing. You just execute the file and the little box comes up... opens some dumb site that doesn't have the update it says you need, so you close that site and tell the little update box that, okay, update, and it just goes away. Anyway, I slapped the URL for "Unbound" in the box and it downloaded my song, so... I'm hapnin man. Even put it in my dock in case I'm slick enough to remember I want something while it's still there to get.

    This new machine has SO much waaaaay hip stuff on it, that I will never learn if I live to be two hunnert an' toity tree, but a great deal of the time this puppy is way ahead of me when I believe I want something. It's very often already here. I try not to download stuff I don't at least sort of understand, but it gets darn iffy.

    I gotta find Joely and drill him on how to be the Ultimate Mac Woman or something....


  19. Here's the updated version. Allows you to download in MP4 format. Check the box in the bottom left corner to change formats.


  20. It's a pretty simple application. That being said, simple applications usually have big restrictions. I'll poke around for something that's a bit more robust.

  21. Well.. it seems that your safari browser may have the nuts and bolts to download vids all on its own...


    If that doesn't work, you can try this one..

    Another supposed free one

    The reason I say supposed is because a lot of these freebies have nag screens, trial subscriptions, etc... so you really have to read the EULAs carefully before installing them.

    Like I said earlier, I use Orbit and it's extremely fast, 20 times faster than that youtube downloader utility. Unfortunately they haven't made a version for macs. Here are a whole whack of alternatives for you to peruse at your hearts content though :)

    Alternatives to Orbit for Macs

    Good luck :p

  22. Yuh. Dat's why I mentioned this machine being way ahead of me. Joelly told me about it before, but I couldn't get it to work. Just tried it again with the guy's instructions at yer link, and, bip-bam, Bob's My Uncle. Don't even need to add the extension.


    I love my Mac. I love my Mac. OMG! I LOVE MY MAC!

    We gotta enjoy this as much as we can because it's all going away when we are declared "eaters" or in the dark ages hurtling toward us even now.

    Crank up yer speakers to eleven and get up and dance and sing it.

    I am now flush with ways to purloin excellence I can't live without... even as I know people are purloining my stuff, without attribution, like mad.

    C'est la motherfucking vie, as they say.

  23. LOL, well I'm glad you got it workin' :)

    And, I will be sure to mention to my Uncle Bob that he's got a niece somewhere in California :p

    P.S. Now you just need a simple video converter to convert them to a format to write them to CDs or DVDs.

    This one seems like it's got all the goods

    But I'll let you choose :p How's that for coverin' my ass LOL

  24. I don't think I need one of those. I betcha it'll write to one of those just fine. Maybe not. I can't open my screen grab while my DVD player is open, so maybe something similar applies with certain downloads... but probably not... and I actually think I can change the file extension on it to play it any old way I want it, but have not tested that yet. I don't want to invite any aggravation just now.

  25. I've always wondered if there's ANYONE who does NOT have an Uncle Bob. That might've been the original joke behind that saying....

  26. Well, here's the thing. FLV format is flash, can only be played in players that support that format. They work on your computer because you have a player that supports flash format(flv) However, DVD and CD players usually don't. They support formats like mp3 mpeg2,avi, etc...

    You don't convert them while your downloading them. You save the flv file to disk, then use the coverter software to convert it to a writable format.

    Save and convert a bunch of songs to mp3 format then write them to a CD.

    Video is a bit different. Most of the time you need to convert a flv file to an MPEG2 file, then author it, then write it to a DVD. You can also use the XVid or AVI format for DVDS.

    That freeware program I linked to has the ability to convert flv to mp3 so it would be good to convert youtube vids to audio cds

  27. Yes. I'm thinkin' a CD would be more than good for my purposes. Though there's a YouTube video with this song on high quality that is a compilation of one darn-seriously gorgeous young injun. I would be almost tempted to download that if he were not so young. Maybe if he were 45 I'd do it. I'd actually prefer 55 or 60.... I'd mostly prefer to materialize Spotted Eagle or Hollow Horn Bear right here in front of me... but, well, maybe that would be TMI for the sanctity of my blog.

    It occurs to me that I may someday as conversant with all this converting as Ann is... though that will start me up on my own site thing again for sure. I already hate that Blogger is so assholish about pdfs and mp3s....

  28. Oh, and I guess I better bookmark this thread to my "learn" folder or you will have wasted yer time.

    THAT is not done.

  29. Yes, converting the youtube vids to mp3 files then writing them to a CD is a good start. Not to mention the fact that you can put about 30 songs on a CD, and about 100 or more on a DVD.

    Converting and authoring video DVDs can be a pain in the ass sometimes. And you need more software for the authoring process. The software usually does both the converting and authoring process, but they're not usually free. There are few open source programs out there however.

  30. I have a program on here called "iMovie" and can author all the videos I want... if I could train my brain on the process. It may also do the converting. But for songs, I don't need DVDs. I don't need to look at them. In fact music videos give me headaches. And I don't need a shitload of them on one disc. I can back them up onto a hard drive and my iPod and CDs... OR etch them in my essence and leave this veil of technology without losing one kb or one pixel.

  31. The reason I suggested burning the converted files to CDs or DVDs is for varied reasons.

    If you start downloading flash video files to you computer your gonna start to fill up hardrive space. While CDs are good, DVDs can be used for audio files as well, and they can hold about 5 times as much. The sampling rate is also better so in turn, the sound is better.

    The trick is to download songs you like, convert them, burn them to disk (cd or dvd) and then delete them off you hard drive. You would be amazed how fast hard drive space gets eaten up by media files.

  32. Also, depending on the CD/DVD burning software you use, some give you the option of keeping the session open which means that you can burn some songs, quit the process but later you can add more songs to the disk until it's full.

  33. Just checked wiki on iMovie, seems you can do everything in that program. Edit, convert, burn and a plethora of freakin' magic. lol

  34. BUY A MAC!

    Life is too short.

    If yer ticker's bad, you might have to stay in the next room from it for a while... until it stops hitting yer adrenals so hard.

  35. LMAO, I've got a few things on my todo list atm. Should only take me three years to get through them. Then I may give it a go.

    Thing is, once I am finished with my three year todo list, I probably won't go near a PC or Mac for that matter. I'll be too busy milkin' cows, feeding chickens, weeding the garden, cutting firewood, cutting and baling hay, etc...

    Now that's what I call retirement :>

  36. Just hire me to do yer decorating and designing and possibly even managing the place... depending on whether you get a tenth of an acre or a whole quarter. Otherwise yer pastoral bliss will be less than optimal. I have a passel of people right here who can attest to it... who are floored by the loss of it.

    I rock.

    I am VERY weird. Yep. But I'm also VERY good.

  37. LOL, Peanuts don't grow here so I can't pay you. :p

  38. Then you have to pay me with the barn loft and BATHTUB or yer gonna have a very less than optimal retirement.... Guaranteed. You'll be milking away and moaning, "WHY didn't I listen to nines?"

    Mark my words.

  39. I am VERY weird. Yep.

    I have been searching for videos of stone house building for the past two weeks. Not much out there but came across these videos.

    You think you're weird? Check out Julie and her adventures lol

  40. Try and watch all the videos, I think they're just hilarious

  41. Well. Now. THAT is a whole nuther universe of weird and I'm thinking to myself it's a mercy she can at least sing. Blue heron, not crane, and either the residents of coastal Nova Scotia are VERY laid back or she was flat out trespassing. "Very nice. Very nice. Very nice. Very nice indeed. ..." Sheesh.

    No! I'm weird in a wild and wonderful way. I think that one may be weird in a dogged and passive-aggressive way.... So the strumming and singing are, like, a big relief.

  42. Yes, I was going after more... am.... Going downstairs to get more wine and puff on the deck first.

  43. I traveled to Nova Scotia when I was in high school. It's very laid back. I billeted with an elderly woman that lived in one of the oldest houses in Liverpool N.S.

    On the first night I was pokin' around in my room upstairs when I heard a clank when I stepped on the area rug in the middle of the room. I pulled back the rug and there was a trap door under it. Lifted the door and saw a stairway leading down to the main floor.

    The next morning I asked the woman about the stairway in my room. She took me into the hallway and right near the back door was a full length picture on the wall. She pulled the picture from the side and it was actually a door at the bottom of that stairway. She said that In the mid 1700s the British Military were rounding up French citizens, trying to get them to swear allegiance to the Queen. If they didn't they threw them in jail. They used to hide upstairs in houses like that. The British soldiers would come into the house looking for them, go upstairs and the french would run down the secret stairs and out the back door. LOL, it was probably just a fire escape, but I'm sure those french men thought their butts were on fire :p

    She also took us to Halifax Harbor. There were houses lining the harbor that must have been 5000 sq ft. Beautiful
    huge wooden houses. She told us that they were the old ship captains houses, but that no one lived in them anymore because they were too expensive to heat.

    Just an amazing place. I'm sure places like Maine and the like are just as amazing.

  44. Yes. Heating. That's been on my mind the whole time watching this nutty woman lurking around in obviously inhabited places. The unfinished one had a SATELLITE DISH, fer fucksakes! Somebody lived there... upstairs. I thought it had possibilities, but there was already TOO MUCH of the rock in the wrong places and not enough in the right ones. Not a bright idea, EVEN if it's solid stone, because the ocean will be in yer living room every winter... obviously.

    So far I'm liking the property of the little one that's all full of poop and she's just about to go upstairs. What a patient/ignorant husband she must have! :o)

    Wonder how many times he's had to bail her out of the local pokeys?

  45. Crikey! What a maniac! Only got a glimpse of the property around the poop house, but the trip back about the old trunk and the trip wire, twice! OMG And TOTAL wuss about those steps that weren't even creaking. Huffing and puffing as though it was Everest! That kitty picture she stole was behind two bowls set out for FEEDING the cat that [once?] lived there. No respect. Just flings the old keepsakes out on the table and leaves them out.

    I didn't like the place with the pool. I don't know why she said the ocean was filling it when there were two pipes filling it while she was "swimming". She maybe is just PRETENDING to be a trespasser.

    Went to her site, and immediately saw that I like this room. Not big on the furnishing, but the room looks good. I already know what I'd do with it.

  46. I liked the first house, I really like dormer windows and those were nice big ones. Full open loft style upper floor with huge dormer window :) I Also liked that stone pillar holding up the rafters in the unfinished house. Gave it a Scandinavian look I thought.

    Ordered my books for stone house building the other day. They should be here by the end of the week. That will give me lot's of reading material by the woodstove this winter :p

  47. Those windows are never not filthy with sea schmutz. Someone has to be out there washing them at least once a week. The wind never stops blowing there, so your only respite is the lee side of the structure. That place too probably gets smacked in the winter storms fairly regularly... though NOT like the unfinished one.

    If you want to do stone houses, you have to run hot water in a grid under them year-round to keep them warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer, so you BETTER have that little hydro-wheel in yer stream or yer not going to be able to feed yer cow. Woodstoves are fine for regular houses, but not so much for stone ones. The floor. The floor. The floor. Yes, you could do a wood floor and it would be less cold, but also less workable with the holding up of the stonework.

    Probably okay with some serious steel girders under there. Still, heating them is MAJOR. Gotta run pipes all through for hot water to keep the stone a certain temperature or it's unending toil and too cold even then.

  48. heh, 9s, it get's soooo cold here in the winter that you have to dig your basement at least 8ft deep, most are ten. That's how deep the frost goes down in the winter. To heat the house, I will be using and Outdoor wood furnace

    The floors will have vinyl tubing running through them and the outdoor furnace pumps glycol gel through the tubing in the house.

    The tubing will also run through a plenum in the basement with a furnace fan hooked up to it. A friend of mine heats his 2500 sq.ft. like that and it's toasty warm in the winter.

    You fill that outdoor furnace with a wheelbarrow of wood and it goes for 14 hours. They are very efficient nowadays.

    Of course there will be a few fire places in the house as well, they will just be for aesthetic purposes.

    Stone houses today are built with a 6 inch layer of insulation between the outer and inner wall. Well, it's actually the same wall, in the course of slip forming the wall you put Styrofoam insulation in between the rocks. Heh, don't you worry, us Canucks know how to stay warm in the winter :p

  49. Yes... but darn profligate with the wood! Howz yer stash of forest? I don't think I'd heard about the gel thing. I'd heard oil, but not the gel. And if yer not on a rock a couple inches off the angry North Sea you probably can manage it just fine... lots easier with the window washing as well.

    Personally, I have always preferred underground houses to all the rest. Seriously energy-efficient and comfortable... but tricky, though not impossible, with the big view windows. ALMOST bought one high in the hills of Sonoma County, with a nice view of the ocean many years ago. Should have done it, but I let my urges to make my parents some mega-bucks turn me from it.

    They weren't very grateful. Well, or my Mom wasn't. Used to bitch about how ungrateful we were when we were little girls. Heh. Can't hold a candle to her in that department. Couldn't then. Can't now.

  50. I am a firm believer in the cold and in the north. I tell people it is always possible to put on enough clothing to be warm but there's only so far you can go in the other direction before you're shit outta luck in the cooling off department. But, for true, Californians suck in the matter of dealing with intense weather. I get urges to fill my car with warm things and go be right in the middle of it. I'm also very big on thunderstorms. They bliss me out.

  51. Oh, and we whine and whine and WHINE on the coast whenever there are heat waves. OMG Pathetic. We don't have air conditioning. It's appalling.

  52. An argument in favor of stone houses.... What a bummer. I love those old, old square boxes with the fabulous timbers. They are a GAS to make wonderful.

  53. In this climate we have to use glycol gel for those outdoor boilers, it gets to cold to use water in the winter.

    I burn mostly ash firewood in my woodstove now. Nice heat and the embers last a long time. In the winter I fill my stove when I leave for work in the morning. When I get home about 10 hours later it's still warm in the house. And that's when it's -25 C. outside. The woodstove I have now is also pretty efficient. It has a secondary burn cycle that actually burns most of the particulate out of the smoke before it rises out of the chimney.

    The Province issues cutting permits in areas where there were forest fires, flooding, wind storms that knock down large areas of trees, etc...

    I pay ten bucks for the permit and three bucks per cord of wood that I cut. Takes about 7 cords of wood to heat my house from Oct. to Apr.

    LOL, Canada if full of trees, we just don't sell all our lumber to the U.S. , we keep some to burn :p

  54. You would be blissed out here for sure. Thunderstorms in the summer shake the house :p

    I've talked to a few people from California that have been here in the winter. The one thing that sticks in their mind is how clean and fresh the air is.

  55. I have actually seen lightning and heard thunder in the middle of blizzards in the winter.

  56. I miss my wood burner. More than can be said. I miss living where there's no one around for at least a mile. I'm about three miles as the crow flies from my old cabin in the woods. But there are four houses here within hearing distance. Three on this drive and one right next to it. Can't see them for all the big trees, but definitely can hear them.

    Even so, I can hear the thick silence beneath it. I lived in unbroken silence for many years. I wish it never ended. Whenever I got to needing some company, I could just hop in Goldie and go bug my "neighbors". This house is books on almost every wall, from floor to ceiling, and I'm the only one who's read most of them. This was my personal library for all those years.


  57. I don't think any of these people realize that they live in yurts exactly like that in SIBERIA. I also don't see why they couldn't have just done a flippin' tepee INSTEAD of the yurt with a vaguely tepee-like plastic pig farm appeal. Yes. I am giddy about all young people going to find out about life without the amenities... we will need them... they will need them... but, yikes, I really WANT to like this woman.

    I don't think I do.

  58. I couldn't imagine kids today roughing it

    When we were in high school one optional course was outdoor education. Learned all about natural remedies, foraging for food, edible plants, medicinal plants, etc..

    We went on three, week long trips for the year. Hiking trip in the fall. 50lb packs, hiked 50 miles each day through some pretty rough bush.

    Winter camping trip on Lake Winnipeg. Slept in Quinzhees and cross country skied out to the pressure point on the lake where we built igloos.

    Then a spring canoe trip that took us 100 miles Northeast into Ontario.

    I can say without a doubt, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

  59. I lived in a tent for nearly six months at the Zen temple where I lived. They were renovating the huge barn we all lived in. I never felt as well and as with-it as I did when living in my tent. I was up by 4:15 every morning and rousing everyone else to go to the Zendo. Nobody could believe their eyes. They had to physically haul me out of bed every morning, pour two fast cups of coffee down me and prop me up on my meditation cushion when we lived indoors. It was freaky, actually, how much better I felt. Probably the sleeping on the ground part. Bodily closer to mother. The quail making their sweet little quaily noises at me every morning at my tent flap didn't hurt either.

  60. Yes, sleeping outside is the very best.

    And speaking of sleep, it's time for my pillow.

    Sleep well, see ya next time :)


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