14 July 2010

i don't care what his name is

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He's a Louisiana shrimper sitting in his kitchen that's still totally messed up from Katrina. What else do you need to know about him? This country has ruined his life. Yeah, no, we didn't cause Katrina, but we CERTAINLY made that worse for everyone, and now THIS. The guy is shaving years off his life every time he takes a breath and WHO is helping him out of THAT? We SO have NEVER had any right to call anyone else "barbaric" and that goes triple now.

People always think that giving victims names and faces is some kind of help. WHAT does it help? Bubkes. Our inhumanity continues along like a cosmic steamroller flattening infinity. The residents of the Gulf Coast are of NO moment to BP or the sundry government agencies and officials who accommodate them. They are like the dead fish. Nothing. Even yet, most of them think that if they were in any real danger the government would let them know.

How many times can I shoot myself in the head? How many times screaming naked off a cliff? How many herds of cows roam Northern California from my legendary interspecies parturition in public? I must get you the visions of the Arthurian Knights. I have to become perfectly clear on how to get that world healing information into your brains.


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