14 July 2010

i know yer probably sick of this song

[click image]


But I'm not. It helps my heart.


When I was young, and makin' money, the top would go down and I'd drive all night in the mountains or on the coast, far from everyone and while they were dead asleep, with my stereo on full blast, playing one song over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over ...

My tape deck actually learned to rewind precisely to the start of the song and the tapes themselves developed little crimps where I'd stop the rewind and start the song however many times you can fit one song into about twelve hours of driving with hardly a stop.

I have always found my own little ways to meditate, to leave the world, even long before I knew what meditation is. When I was small it was mirrors, staring into myself for hours. People thought I was fascinated with my own image. I was impervious to it. I looked into it as a way of not looking at all the walking around world crap around me. Then it was riding horses in the middle of the night, or flying over fences on a long cross-country course alone. Then it was all day walks on the beach. Then it was the night driving. Then it was driving and never stopping at all. Then it was sitting in a barn and staring at a wall. Then it turned into something I'm never not doing... except... I see it takes a very long time for that to stop being entirely too bumpy.

Even so, there are certain songs that work much better than bald guys in dresses all fake-piety and incense fumes sickeningly taking their charlatan vicious asses to a little round pillow to assume a placid facial expression and listen to the whining of miserably confused seekers after liberation... for pay.

Try to think of it that way.



  1. I too love this song.

    On another subject, 2.7 square mile chunk of glacier - gone in 24 hrs.

  2. Comic interlude... Anyone who's ever had a boss should enjoy this.

  3. That glacier thing is really, really upsetting.


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